Monday, January 28, 2013

Hola mi familia!

This week has gone by soooo fast! I can't believe its Pday again. It has been really good though, I had a couple of days that were really trying my patience but im working on it and Heavenly Father is helping me i know he is. I've been getting food overload!! If people ask what i need, tell them i need ties and less food! My whole district just comes to my room every night to pound the food cause i have so much! It is good though cause some of them haven't gotten much as far as mail/packages. Last night i got to go see Elder Miles and Elder Buhler they live a couple of buildings over. I also saw Sister Faux and Sister Larsen.

There isn't a ton of new things that i didnt tell you last week, starting tonight we will have 2 investigators instead of one. They are going to be our 2 teachers so it will take some getting used to to be able to teach them. We have awesome teachers!! Our main ones are Hermano Krueger and Hermana Messina. Then we have a few that come help sometimes like Hermano Sanchez, Hermano Hopate, Hermana Gurecki, and Hermano Snyder. They are all RMs and they have great insights. Hopate might be my favorite one, he is from springville and he has a little bro who is a sophomore this year.

Our district has gotten really close! Maybe too close because its hard to go to bed on time because we stay up talking a lot but they are great guys!! Elder Miles' companion is one of Colin Montgomery's best friends he said, i can't remember his name, but he is going to Sweden. 

My branch pres. is Pres. Jackman. He is an awesome guy, super funny but he likes things to be certain ways and he likes us to look good. (no walking around with your suit unbuttoned, only the top button) and stuff like that. Brother Williams and Brother Menlove are the other 2. I really like Brother Menlove a lot, and he is from Spanish Fork.

The Spanish is coming along, its amazing how quickly missionaries pick up on the languages here, even Jake and Josh are already praying and testifying in their languages. We have been learning how to better use our materials to learn the most possible. This is truly God's work! I love it!

What have you been doing with my letters? Facebook? Blog? just curious! It's weird to not be home but I really do love being here and that is making it a lot easier to not be at home. I can't believe i'm almost 1/3 done at the MTC but its awesome!

So we found out that the night before we got here, Elder Holland was here speaking... how crazy is that??? Everyone said he was awesome (as always) but this week we had Elder Evans of the 70 who is over Missionary work, he did an awesome job! Last night we watched the Joseph Smith movie and it was so cool to watch where the church began and then i turned around to 2000 missionaries in the gym and thought "and this is where it is now".

Me gusta este Evangelio. Yo se que es verdadero. (I love this gospel. I know it is true) I really can not wait to get to Argentina, but I also know that i need to do this first.

Sorry if this seems kinda short, but i love you all so much and i hope everyone is doing awesome! Whenever its a hard day go read D&C 6:36, God is there for us and he will help us through anything. But we have to put him first in our lives!

Much Love,
Elder Sisk