Another transfer in Rosario! :) April 22, 2014

Hola Familia!

So like you see in the title, I made it through another transfer! So I will be here in Azcuenaga for a total of 7 months. I am really happy and me and my companion get along really really well so we are both happy. 

This week was really good! We were able to give out 18 Books of Mormon which is more than I have ever given in one week on my mission! We have been inviting a lot of the members to give BOMs to their friends and stuff to help us get more references. We are excited to keep working and helping the ward and its leaders work a little bit more in unity.

We went to the Central of Rosario this last pday and I bought a few things, Some stuff to bring home for you guys as well and a Newell´s jersey for me, its super cool, I like it a lot!

This week in church was great! D. and R. came but with 3 other kids too. K, A, and M. We want to plan a big baptism this transfer for their whole family! They are all really great and I know they could help the ward a lot! We have been hinting at it and yesterday D. told me  "if you are staying, its for a reason" so we are going to work with them a lot! 

We have been really focused on our zone this week, we were struggling as far as numbers and stuff so we have been trying to get everyone more excited to work hard and find new people to teach. I officially hate numbers, after 6 months as ZL i don't want to see another number haha but its okay, they actually help us a lot to know how much we are working!

This week the craziest thing happened. We were with D and R and then all of the sudden D´s brother comes running in yelling. COME HERE WE GOTTA GO LOOK AT THIS, LETS GO!!!! haha so we just ran with him and got in the car. He then explained to us that a big semi truck whose trailer like lifts up to dump dirt and stuff was driving on the freeway and the bed started to lift up on accident and then he just happened to drive under a bridge that they use to cross the freeway walking. IT TORE THE WHOLE THING DOWN! hah it was so crazy. The sad part is, there happened to be a motorcycle on the bridge with 3 people on it. a man, his wife and their 3 year old daughter. they fell and were all taken to the hospital, but they told us that they are all okay. It is a miracle, you will see the pictures!

This week i had the chance to do the baptismal interview of a guy who got baptized on Saturday. He was great and really prepared! His name is R and I already know he is going to help the church grow in the little branch in Casilda. It was a really cool experience to be able to do that! 

On Friday we went to help at an open house that the missionaries did in the church. We went around inviting people to come and visit the church. It was really fun because at the end they asked us to be the judges for the food contest. The food was really good, except for one that I didn't like but it was really funny and a good time with the members of that ward!

Easter was kinda lame. we had to go help with some of the missionaries who are finishing their missions this week, but its okay. Holidays in the mission are kinda chill haha.

Well I hope you are all doing well and that you have a great week! I am doing well and feeling happy and excited!! We are going to go to D´s house to do skype so that will be really cool! Cant wait to see you guys!

Elder Sisk

Gave him my shirt
Eating some churro type thing that they sell in the street
The truck/Bridge

Food contest
New jersey and sweats!

Getting cold in Rosario! April 14, 2014

Hola Familia!
Like I said in the title, the cold came in this weekend. We had the heater going and I had to bust out my hoodie but its way better than the summer :)
So I will start by answering questions, sorry i am trying to get better at that!
Mom, the picture (See below): His name is J, he is the son of D.´s sister L. He is a stud and loves hanging out with us......

I wanted to say sorry for not really saying anything about your big 24th anny last week! I meant to send you guys a separate email and I totally forgot... :( I'm the worst I know :P but I was thinking... 24 years... that makes me feel like you guys are getting really old! hahahah not really, but kinda! :) Love you guys
On Monday this week I lived through the biggest storm of my life. I have a few videos so you will have to see them when I get home but it was unreal!! The rain was so strong and the wind stronger! We had water flooding in the window in our kitchen but we rigged up some cardboard and styrofoam and it didn't flood our house so that was good. But you will see in the picture, the wind knocked down tons of trees, including a huge one a couple of blocks from our house haha.

​​We had a good zone meeting this week and we did a Special Pday as well, that is when we all clean our houses to be able to get together on pday to have a big group activity. We played soccer and bought pizza and watched Despicable Me 2, it was a great movie!! It was weird to be able to watch a real movie!

​​I don't remember if I talked about C. last week, she is a lady we found and have taught a few times, she is really nice and has 2 kids. She accepted a date for the 10th of May, we are going to keep visiting her because she has had a really rough past and we really want to help her make it to that date! But super funny story, they have a parrot. I was holding it and her daughter says, one time it pooped on me. I think it heard her say that because the words had barely left her mouth ​​when...... you guessed it! it pooped on me... hahahah we all laughed really hard. I will not be holding that guy again.
We met an awesome girl this week named C! She was a reference from a lady in another ward. C is living with her parents for about a month right now because she broke her foot and has stairs in her house. The thing is, she doesn't live in our area, but we are going to teach her while she is at her parents house and then we will ship her off to get baptized in the other stake :) she is great and we were able to give her a blessing, we have a lot of hope for her.
On Thursday we went over to D and R's to have an asado with Elder Guevara before he finishes his mission next week. It was really fun and really tasty :) I finally understand why Pablo Frixione´s steak tasted a little different, asado! haha
There is a lady in our ward who helps us out a ton! Hermana N, well she had a dog who fell off the roof and died this week and it made me think about Max alot haha how is he doing?? You should send me a video or pictures of him haha. I know I'm wierd but i miss my little homie!
Mom, will you check, or maybe you already know. Do they sell Malta there?? Its kinda life coffee but its soooooo good and not against any commandments :)
So like i said last week, I want to try sharing my studies a little bit each week. This week I have been reading a ton! I read a lot in The Miracle of Forgiveness by Pres Kimball, I love that book! It talks about the members of the church who are not breaking any commandments and are living a good life but they also are doing nothing to earn their own salvation, I realized, that was me before my mission! Its interesting to think about all the that Lord wants of us to be happy. I really like 2 Nephi 1:13 and Revelations 3:21. There is always things we need to do better or start doing!

 I have had my eyes opened a lot to the important things this week! I love you guys, stay strong with your prayers and scriptures! Have a good week!
Elder Sisk

This pic was sent to us from someone in Alex's area.  It is one of my favorite photos from his mission!  So sweet.
-Playing soccer in the rain.
-our contraption to stop the flood
-The tree that fell
-Our ester eggs from the YW in the ward
-Dinner with the Martinez family and their new puppie hah
-Hermana Eva working on my other toe, she told me, ¨Elder all of these toe problems means you have a lot of time in the mission¨ haha she is the best!!

Conference was GREAT! April 7, 2014

Hola Familia!
Hey guys, this week was really good but conference was by far the best part! We were able to watch all 4 sessions in English. We couldn't go to Priesthood but I downloaded the audios to listen to them later! I have never paid so much attention in conference nor learned so much! Every session felt like 30 minutes to me it was really crazy! I really liked what Elder Ballard said about how we should be sharing our studies and the things we learn while I am on my mission. I will try to start doing better at that but I expect the same from you guys okay??
This week I have been really focused on the Atonement and Obedience in my studies. Those are 2 things that it is impossible to study too much and I know that they will both help me a ton in the mission. I have felt more and more temptation in my mission to be less obedient because Satan knows that is how we receive blessings in this life. But I have really been trying to up my obedience so that I can really take advantage of all the time I have left!
This week was Mission Council. It was great, Pres dropped cane a little bit on us for the numbers and lack of success that we have in the mission, mostly talking about baptisms. But I always leave mission council feeling really excited and ready to work hard and do better!
On Thursday we got to go over to M´s house and have dinner. We invited this guy named G. who is a recent convert in our ward and a total stud! He is on the perfect path, only has a year as member and has the priesthood, endowment, and is in the Elders quorum presidency! He has been a ton of support for M. especially because they are both single. He is great! He invited us over for an asado at his house on Friday and M. went to that as well!
I got a letter from G. K. this week!! My convert in Nogoya. I don't think he is still going to church a lot but he told me how grateful he was for the change that we were able to help him make in his life and he bore his testimony about the love his Heavenly Father has for him. It was really cool to hear about that, even if its hard for him to go to church in such a small branch. Also I talked with JM. G. who is from Las Heras. He told me that J. the Colombian is a STUD! He got permission to receive the priesthood early so that he could be the first counselor in the Elders quorum! He told me that he is on track to be the next Pres of the Elders quorum! That made me so happy to hear, that he is doing well and serving in the ward!
One night this week, i don't remember which one we were walking home in the night time on the main road in our area called Peligrini. This car pulls up next to us and I hear some Spanish with a total American accent, Hey we are members of the church! It was a married couple from Arizona. They came back to visit their missions here in Argentina. She served in Rosario and he served in Neuquen. It was really fun to chat with them for a second!
Well we are doing great, still working hard and after conference we are even more excited to keep working and finding more people to teach and help Azcuenaga grow stronger as a ward! Love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Sisk

Our friend Loco who we always feed. super nice dog on our block :)
Mission council with Elder Lindeman and Elder Valladares and Elder Tirado
Watching Conference in our English room :)
I bought a Newell´s pen. That is my soccer team here