Crazy Week!! hah

Hola Familia!!

Like the title says, it was kinda a crazy week. We covered everything from losing my wallet(credit cards, and a bunch of cash) to getting a new comp, to almost sending a golden investigator to Peru. But best of all, M. is getting baptized this week!!!!!! this Saturday! We are really excited and so is she. She even paid her tithing yesterday!! She really seems so happy and happy to have this change in her life. She already signed up on our lunch schedule as well, she is just a member! hah

My new comps name is Elder Cadena (Chain). He is from Guadalajara Mexico. He only has 7 months in the mission. He is really cool, he likes sports too and is probably the cleanest comp I have had which is awesome!! We get along well and we are already seeing some good thing happening in our area. 

So like I said above, last Monday right after I finished emailing, We went to this little shop to put money on my bus card and while we were there I think I forgot my wallet. When we went back 10 minutes later(sprinting) it was not there. We talked with the owner and he says he never saw it... but that is kinda a bummer... I lost 1000 pesos(150 dollars) and my 2 credit cards.

This week I had a testimony builder about studies on the mission. We had a couple of crazy days on Monday and Tuesday and we were not able to study and I really just didn't feel good. I stared studying a lot more and I literally just felt the spirit a lot more during the day. I have also started studying more church books, it is really interesting to learn about the Gospel. Elder Aguilar gave me a bunch of books on my pendrive so I have started reading a little more. 

We have still been doing a lot of FHEs and its been really good!! I really enjoy it because we have been trying to team more members up with less actives and investigators. We are seeing a lot of progress with it!

Last night we had a lesson with D and R, they are so awesome! I honestly have developed a love for them really fast. I have a lot of faith that they will get married and baptized, they have been visited by missionaries for like 2 years now, but I feel like they are close!!

Well its been a great week, the mission is gearing up to have 500 baptisms in the next 2.5 months!! We are gonna be working hard!! love you guys!!

Elder Sisk

M, Elder Aguilar, and I
It actually got cold one morning! haha
Me with the kids at FHE
The group at FHE

Another new companion

Hola Familia!!

So as you can all see in the title of this email, I will be getting another new companion. Elder Aguilar is going to be serving as a Branch President and I will have a new companion. Its kinda a bummer because we were starting to get really close. I was thinking that he was going to be one of my favorite comps. We had a lot of goals to help the ward grow but that is okay, the Lord has more in mind than we do I guess. My new comp is named Elder Cadena. I guess we will see what happens!

So M is doing really well. She has had some serious trials this past week but she has a lot of faith to keep going strong in the church! Her parents live in Peru still and her dad is really sick. They were saying that he wasn't doing too well and she was going to have to go to Peru for a month and delay the baptism. But yesterday at church I talked with her and she told me that her dad is improving and they may not need to operate on him now which means she wouldn't have to go to Peru! We fasted on Saturday with the whole Ward Council, everyone is really excited for her!

This week we have been doing a lot of FHEs. Almost every night we had one. It was really good and we were able to start talking with the daughters of a less active family who before didn't ever talk with us. Also we have been helping the M. family so they can baptize their 8 year old son S. We have still been visiting the M. family as well, they are doing well but have not come to church because of the rain two weeks in a row. But on Wednesday we were with them and a storm came in. We were out front watching the rain and lightning and we literally saw lightning strike about 50 yards away from us!!! it was so crazy!! I think I screamed like a girl! haha I'm so mad we didn't get it on film!

Sorry I was really bad with writing stuff down this week, I took a bunch of pics though!! I will do better this week to have a better update. I love you guys, hey shoot me some questions and I will do better to answer them! How is everyone doing on their Book of Mormon reading?? :) Love you guys!!

♥Elder Sisk

Service with Hermana N.

Bowling on Pday