Hot and HUMID here in Rosario!

Hola Familia!!

So we had a pretty good week, it was kinda a roller coaster but it was decent. We wont be having any baptisms this week, I´ll explain.

On Monday night we were knocking doors and we found an awesome family!! C. and her 2 kids, T. and L. They were all very focused on what we had to say and wanted to learn more. They used to go to the Evangelical church but they haven't been going for about 6 months. I have a lot of faith that they will progress in the gospel. The only problem is we went back and they were really busy in the weekend but we are gonna go this week!

I got pretty sunburnt last pday! We went to play soccer and basketball at the stake center and being the smart/super tan guy I am I didn't put on a drop of sunscreen on. But I bathed in Aloe for a few days and now I'm doing good. It pretty much took care of my watch tan line though :)

So we did another exchange this week and I was in CarcaraƱa. Its a pueblo about an hour from Rosario. But on the way there we were waiting in the bus station and I met a group of people from Austrailia again! and I met a guy who lives in Eureka, Utah!?!?! how crazy!! His wife is from here and they came to visit. Like 3 times in a row that we went to the terminal I spoke English to someone!

So obviously this week I hit 1 year in the mission! Its crazy how fast time is going, to be honest a lot of the time it goes too fast. But I"m trying to make the most of every week. We have transfers next week and I will most likely be getting a new comp so it will be kinda wierd having him ask me questions about the ZL stuff when usually I ask my comp! But it will be good!

So M. and R. The day I was in Carcarana my comp went to teach them and they were sounding like they didn't want us to come over any more. M. had talked with her friend who told her a bunch of lies about our church and stuff. but M. talked to the Relief Society pres this week on the phone and told her that she still wants us to go by and stuff so that made me really happy. It sounds like R. doesn't want to anymore though.....  I´ll have more updates next week for sure!!

We went to visit V. and her family on Saturday to finish teaching everything before her baptism interview and as we were talking she told us she really wants her dad to baptize her. The problem is he has a little problem with drinking. So we decided to postpone the baptism and we are going to keep working with them a lot to help her dad be able to baptize her as quick as possible! It was a really good lesson with him and the spirit was really strong!

2 funny things from this week!
1. We were sitting in our study room one day and it was really really hot... I wanted to know how hot it was but we don't have anything... or so we thought! I grabbed my first aid kit and put that thermometer that goes under your tongue out the window and it was 103!! then the next day 105! then the next day 108!!! its crazy hot!!
2. After 3 months my comp finally followed my wise council and shaved his legs. Life is so much better with shaved legs. But he liked it so much that one day he decided to shave his arms!! haha we have a couple funny pics!! :)

Love you all!! have another great week and I will talk to you next Tuesday because we have transfers!

♥Elder Sisk
My one year birthday cake :)
It's hot!!

Shaved arms!
I caught this guy on our wall the other night! literally like 1 inch long!

Doing well here in Rosario :)

Hola Familia

This week was another great week, we have been working hard to get a few of our people ready for their baptism interviews and stuff and we will probably be super busy again this week!

Mom I'm glad that your scripture study has been improving :) That is a challenge I want to give to ALL of you. Its unreal how important it is to have a daily habit of scripture study! I have felt a big difference in the days I focus on the scriptures in my studies and the days I read other stuff, I try to always have at least half the time in the BOM.

Last Pday was awesome! I got to see P. and C. and we went to the monument in the central. It was really fun to spend some time with a bunch of missionaries and stuff!

So M., R., M., and A. are still doing well! M. and R. are on track to be baptized the 23 so we are really excited for that!! We are going to keep working with M. and A. because they have not come to church quite yet. 
Cool story, R. received her answer this week. She had a dream that we were at her house and as we were leaving she opened the door and her Husband walked in (he died 2 years ago) and he shook our hands then she woke up. She told us that he never shook the hand of someone he doesn't like and she said she knows her husband is happy that we are visiting her. Super cool :)

I had a really cool exchange with a missionary this week in a pueblo called Funes. We were able to teach 2 lessons and I received 2 really nice compliments. After both lessons they told me that they would really like for me to come back to their houses someday because they really felt the spirit. I really felt so happy to have been able to help them. One of them went to church this week for the first time in a long time! :)

So this week I read a talk called The Fourth Missionary every single day. It is so good and I'm trying really hard to apply it to my life and mission. I would for sure recommend it to everyone, there are so many great things to be learned. I have tried to study it along side my Pat. blessing and its really cool. I have been trying to always just CHOOSE to be happy and excited no matter the situation! its been great!

Well I hope you guys are all great!! have a wonderful week! Love you all!!

Elder Sisk


Another great week!

Hola Familia!!

(wow i literally almost started writing in Spanish after putting Hola familia!! weird.. hah) We had another great week this week! We are working hard and starting to see the fruits that come from hard work!

This week we had Consejo de la Mision with all of the other Zone Leaders! It was awesome! all of the talks and stuff were great and I felt like i learned a ton! I really enjoy being a Zone Leader....

So I also was praying to know when I should go home and I was feeling pretty good about going home in Dec. I went to Consejo and i started talking with the secretary of the mission who handles all of that stuff. He has 1 transfer less than me in the mission and he told me that he is going home in Feb. I said I thought I was going home in Feb! and he said no, you are going home in DEC! so it was already set like that. So I will be getting home the 31st of Dec 2014. So weird because now I have less than a year left. Honestly its going by way too fast, I gotta put it up a gear so I don't leave anything left on the court!

This week we watched a video with a less active couple. The video was awesome, my comp showed it to me. It is called Butterfly Circus it is sooo good!! I truly believe that Heavenly Father sees us with so much more potential than we give ourselves a lot of the time!

So we finally finished getting that apartment ready for the sisters in our zone. Its nice to have it finished. (untill something new comes up :)) the joys of ZL. haha

We have been really getting more motivated to do our exercises in the mornings. We have been waking up early to have more time. I actually feel like it is paying off, i bought some protein and I'm feeling pretty good!

So we have still been teaching V., R., M., and A.. Only R and M made it to church this week but we have a lot of hope in them. M especially is progressing a lot. We are trying to make sure R understands because she is 77 and its a little harder for her. But they are all doing great!!

Yesterday in church we had testimony meeting. A recent convert (that gave us asado on my birthday) got up and bore his testimony that yesterday was his 1 year mark as a member of the church. I realized..... yesterday was my 12 year mark as a member of the church! Its crazy how fast time has gone and how much I have learned in these 12 years. Funny story: I got up to bare my testimony as well right after him, literally as I get to the mic, I look out in the crowd and i see this little girl throw a paper airplane and it drills the Elders quorum pres right between the eyes!! I literally starting laughing really hard right up there in front of everyone and only like 10 people actually saw what happened. :) hahah

I am still loving my mission and learning every single day! I know that the Savior lives and His spirit is with us every day! I love you guys!! Keep searching for all of the miracles that we witness everyday! :)

♥Elder Sisk

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hola Familia!

So it has been a good/busy holiday season for my comp and I but I really enjoyed it. I still don't really feel like its all real since its really hot here and stuff but I just have to keep looking at my watch to remember the date haha

So this week was really good, we were very blessed and had a lot of success. Its interesting how when it feels like we don't have any time to work because of our Zone Leader stuff we are super blessed and able to get a lot done in the time that we do have.

This week I had a little bit of a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. We were walking down the street on the 26th and I see a guy riding towards us on a motorcycle, as he gets closer I realized he looks familiar. I didn't actually realize who it was until he had stopped. It was J.!!! The Colombian guy from my first area. He and his family are doing great and still active in the church and everything. He told me that he had the Missionaries over for Christmas and that they made Colombian food together. It was so cool to see him, when I saw him i was so excited I just gave him a big hug right in the middle of the street haha.

So we have been working a lot with the M. family. They have a 9 year old daughter named V. who has not been baptized. We are working with them to get them back active and get her baptized. The is the cutest little girl, we went over to their house this week and it was really hot, they had just put a few drinks in the fridge but they were not cold yet. Then before anyone knew where she had gone, she comes walking in with a big bottle of sprite that she had gone and bought with her own money for us. It was the nicest thing ever. I am so lucky to be able to help this family.

This last week was...... HOT. You really have no idea how much I sweat in the humidity! If we spend a long time outside i am just soaked... its weird because I didn't sweat much at home, but i think its because I'm not used to it yet. I heard it got up to 90% humidity one day! I will never live in a humid place hah

On Friday we were able to go sing in this concert that a girl in our stake did, she is an opera singer and she invited a lot of non members so she wanted the missionaries to sing and kinda have a little exposure. It went really well, I'm still terrible at singing but my shyness to sing is slowly going away on the mission... 

So I found out this week that not too long ago one of the 12 apostles came to Rosario and chose a place where the future temple will be. I was so excited to hear that because it shows the growth of the church in this part of the world! The location is actually in my zone right now, but i don't know exactly where it is.

This week we have been preparing an apartment for 2 hermanas who just barely got to our zone. We have had to buy everything for them and we are almost done. It will be nice to finally get all of that out of the way. and have more time to work.

We had another miracle this week, We found a lady named R. and we were able to give her a blessing on Saturday. We invited her and her friend to church and then we show up on Sunday and R. is there, but with a different lady that we had never seen before! haha Her name is M. and she is from Peru. We already taught M., R., and M's son A. 2 times and they accepted a baptism date for the 24th of Jan!!! I am super confident that R. and M. will be ready but we are still trying to gain some trust with A. We gave M. a blessing too because her husband left her about a year ago and it is still really hard for them. She was crying at the end and told me that she felt something pushing inside of her chest. Super cool experience!

We are still doing great here!! I hope you all are too!! Love you all!!

Elder Sisk

He liked his stocking!
I liked mine too!
German (birthday dinner)
I miss PB and Nutella!
Christmas dinner
Sleeping on the roof
Christmas morning pancakes
Making pizzas
After the concert
its really hot... fans are a must have
cooking up some asado!
Last night's dinner....after ;)