1/2 way done with the MTC!!

 Hola mi familia! I am still really liking the MTC! The food still could not be worse, but the experiences are amazing! I miss you all but its so great to be serving the Lord!

So this week we started teaching 2 new investigators and it is really hard! But it is so rewarding to be able to go in there without any notes and speak 100% in Spanish! Elder Thorn and I have been working well as a team. I really miss home on some days but the spirit helps me not get too home sick! I'm glad everyone is doing well, and I still love getting mail even though it has slowed down a ton! I got a lot the first 2 weeks and not much this week, but that's okay! I'm starting to see more and more people that i know here and its awesome to see so many! We are meeting with the Visa agents and the Argentina consul this week so hopefully that is a good sign, there is a lot of missionaries getting reassigned and stuff that would not be very fun. I'm already ready to get to Argentina.

The days feel really long here, but the weeks go by really fast! I feel like i have gotten a lot done in these 3 weeks but they have flown by! We are on the downhill slide now and that will be awesome! I was supposed to be released as the DL this week but Pres. Jackman was in Texas so i guess i get one more week! I actually really like being the DL but its not a ton of extra stuff! This week I saw a lot of elders from Springville, Miles, Buhler, Garfield, Kreiger. We got a picture all together at the Temple and I'll try to send that a little bit later on the computers that work for pictures.

Sorry i feel like i don't have a ton to say because its really just the same thing every day here. I am really liking my district and we have gotten really close. There are so many awesome people here at the MTC, a lot of really good examples!

Sorry I'll write stuff down throughout the week this week so i can tell you more next Monday, i know this is really short, but send me letters and I'll try to respond to those too! love you all!

Elder Sisk

Rosario Argentina
At the Provo Temple

Elders Sisk, Garfield, Miles and Francis

I'm headed to Rosario Argentina!
with Elder Miles