Halloween! What is that? ;)

Hola Familia!

We had a pretty good week this week, I can not believe that another transfer has come and gone, which means next week I will be writing on Tuesday FYI.

So all of those new missionaries will be getting here on Thursday so if there is any change I will let you know next week.....

Kinda crazy thing! I don't know how I am finding all of these English speakers but this week we were on our way home from Victoria (where we go for District Mtg.) and I noticed the guy in front of me was reading in English. I leaned up and asked him and it turns out he is from Cali but lives in New Jersey right now. He was down here working. We had a good chat for about 20 minutes but he wasn't interested in the church. Elder Lindeman wasn't with me because we were on an exchange.

So this week G has been really sick which made it hard to visit him and his friends very much. He has a problem in his back and needs surgery but the medical stuff here is kinda hard. But we were able to give him a blessing and it was awesome. I just barely got rid of a headache I had for about 2 weeks haha but I literally could not feel the headache when I was talking for the blessing. The Priesthood is incredible!


So I have started studying the BOM in English more. I decided I want to get to know the stories better so I can help others learn from them. I have been enjoying it a lot! We were also reading about talents this week and I wanted to ask you all what are some of the talents I have? I know its kinda a weird question to ask but it is hard to know your own talents.

One night this week M, G´s mom, taught us how to make empenadas. We are really excited to start making them because its something new that we dont make every other day. Thanks for the recipes mom!!

I am officially terrible luck! Every time I wash my clothes and they are outside drying, it decides to rain, not just rain but pour!! That's usually what happens here, luckily we are inside most of the time but every once in a while we get a nice little shower :)

We have still been teaching P, G´s friend, He is sooo funny! last night he was telling stories and we were both dying! I got a picture with him, he has this sweet dreadlock/mowhawk/ponytail. 

Well it was a good week! We are hoping to start seeing some real growth here in Nogoya but we are still working! Have another great week! Love you all so much!

♥Elder Sisk

-No they don't do Halloween here... </3
-Good work with the job mom! That will be great! 
-Yes dad I did know that its from Wales, she didn't recognize Sisk.
-We are still waiting for the pants. One of the members is trying to fix them for me.
-Love the sports updates. Super broad is the best!!!

In the market
I found Bubble Tape :)
The plaza here in Nogoya
Learning how to make empanadas

A shop here, I guess its named Alex? hah
With G and P

9 months down!

Hola familia!!

This was a great week, we were able to teach a lot more and we are seeing a lot of progress in our investigators. So something crazy I found out last night, there are 46 missionaries who have been waiting for their visas that will be getting here in the next 2 weeks!!!! How awesome is that? They created another zone to help, but the craziest part is that means 46 trainers! everyone will need to step up to help all of them get to work!! 

So funny story, this week we were in the grocery store one night looking at stuff and we were talking in English. All of the sudden we hear ¨hello¨ from behind us. We then got to know a woman named Verginia who is from here in Nogoya but she lived in Wales for 10 years! It caught us both really off guard but we had a good little chat with her, we are gonna go visit her sometime.

This week we went up to Parana to have interviews with President Giuliani. He is such an amazing man. He told me that he has so much respect for the missionaries in our zone/stake because we are all working with less than ideal situations and yet everyone works hard and has a lot of faith! It is safe to say the church in our stake struggles a bit. 

This week, i don't know if you all remember me talking about V. who is friends with G. and his mom. Well she happened to show up at M´s house one night and we had a great lesson with her. She has really noticed the spirit strongly in our 2 meetings with her.

We also met another one of G´s friends this week named P! He is a stud! He is rocking the dredlocks in a ponytail and is just always super chill. He has been really interested in the church and we taught him a couple of times this week! I fully expect him to continue progressing!

(pics included) This week I had a fun experience with my pants... We were walking in the dirt along a road and there was a piece of barbed wire on the ground, It kinda hooked around my right foot and when I went to step, it slit my left pant leg open... Its not that bad but I talked with one of the members and I think she is gonna try to fix it for me so we will see. What great luck huh?? it was actually pretty funny.

We saw a huge change in G this week, I think that seeing some of his friends start to progress in the gospel is helping him be more dedicated and excited about it all. It is also helping his mom, except I think she may be converting to us more than the church. haha She tells us how much she loves us every time and always tells us how much she will miss us when we have to leave, what charmers we are with the older women ;)

Friday in the middle of the night we had a great experience. I don't know if you saw in the pictures, but here in Argentina it is really common to have this plastic thing above the toilet that holds the water when you flush. Well ours kinda fell off the wall at like 5 in the morning. I woke up to a huge crash and the sound of water spraying all over. So luckily (being guided by the spirit, because I think I was about 80% asleep) I ran in the bathroom and put my finger over the thing. What an easy fix right? Well now we gotta buy a new plastic thingy and have a member fix it for us... lame. So right now to flush we just dump water in the toilet. hahah

So that is it for this week, it was a good week, we are still working hard and I am feeling a lot better (health wise) We will likely have a change next week or the week after so we are gonna finish strong! I love you guys have another great week!

♥Elder Sisk

Me in Parana
Slack Lining

Most of our Zone
Our District on the bus
We have been drinking a lot of water :)
I found SEEDS!!
I caught a little friend
The heat is too much at times!
Ripped pants