Transfer Week

Hola Familia!

First off sorry i forgot to tell you that Pday was on Tuesday this week for transfers!

Okay so the biggest news of the week is I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. Elder Welsh was asked to serve as the new assistant to the president. The only downside to being trained by the biggest stud in the mission huh? He got the call on Sunday morning and had to be to the mission home on Sunday night by 8. We were both pretty bummed. The first thing he said is "It sucks when you only get to be with your favorite companion for 1 transfer." It is safe to say that it was an emotional day. The bishop had him give his testimony and like half of everyone there was crying. We ended our companionship with a visit to Pamela. We thought it would be perfect because she is the biggest success we had together. There was some more crying at her house. The last 2 days I have kinda been the free agent bouncing from companionship to companionship waiting for my new companion tomorrow. I learned so much from him and I plan to keep up the pace that we have set.

(just found out I will be getting a Spanish Speaking companion.... yikes wish me luck!)

Yes the baptism was amazing!!! And I had the amazing opportunity to baptize Maria. I will send some pictures! The conversion of the Juncos Family was such an amazing thing to be able to be a part of! They have made incredible improvements and after the baptism Claudia said "I know I'm not supposed to but I just want to give you two a hug!" and she came and gave us a big hug hah

We have still been teaching this lady named Silvia and she is great. She is set to be baptized on June 2, her birthday. She is really great and has had quite the history with about every drug there is. She is in the process of giving up the MaryJ.

So Mom, you and Pamela have the same calling now!! But this week we were talking with her and she said something that was just amazing! She told us that we are her angels and that we will always be special to her. It was really great to hear her say that. It made us feel great! 

This week has been really cold!!! We have a mini space heater that helps a lot but we have been wearing sweaters like everyday. And I love my Malta in the mornings! ;) 

Random things: I took out some money this week so that I don't have to take my card with me to places. It is easier to have cash. I bought a couple of new ties this week, I really like the ties here for some reason! The milk here comes in bags, kinda random. I met Elder Swanson this week, he is from Mapleton. I got the package, it was great! thanks so much! I have to try not to eat everything too fast :P

Thanks so much for everything! I love you all, have a great week!

♥Elder Sisk