Una Otra Semana en Argentina

Hola Familia!

This week was sooo great! So many things happened and we had a lot of progression to finish out our last week of the transfer! We didn't teach a lot of lessons, but the ones we did, were great! This was a week of quality not quantity.

Before I forget, yes mom that was me, i took out some money from the card, like i said before its a lot easier to just take out a lot at a time. And yes, some missionaries have sleeping bags but I am very happy with the blanket i have. In the winter I have been using another one too. also....... Happy Birthday this week mom!!! Saturday! I wish i could send you something like a jersey but its just really expensive, can you wait a little while? haha

I just found out I am getting transferred and I will now be the senior companion in my area.  My new comp went to lone peak high school. I will be serving in the north part of my mission in a small branch.... oh boy.

So the highlight of the week for sure was John and his family! We have been talking with him a lot and he came to church for the 4th straight week. He and his girlfriend decided this week that they are going to get married in order to be baptized. We have not been teaching her very much, but we think that they whole family will be baptized in this next transfer. They are so great. He is always willing to do the things that we ask him to do, and because of that he is having some really great experiences and seeing some great blessings in his life. He quit smoking and is progressing a ton! He also let us try this drink from Columbia and its sooo good! It is called agua panela and i really enjoyed it both times!

The weather this week was very odd. It was like a teeter-totter. warm cold warm cold. But today has been pretty cold so far. But I think that spring is just around the corner so that is a great thing. Summer is gonna be so hot! hah

We have been a lot better at doing our work outs in the morning. I have seen a direct line between the weather and my desire to do it and get out of bed. 

This week I read a really great scripture in D&C 112:10, Pres Hinckley said that this is his favorite scripture! super good!

Yes the explosion was in Rosario but about 30 blocks from where I live so it didn't even affect us.

Sorry I am super scatter brained now that I found out I am leaving.... I will probably have a lot of updates next week. I love you all, have a great week! :)

♥Elder Sisk