Week 29 of the mission!

Hola Mi Familia!

This week went by super fast!! we have still been working really hard and I learned lot this week along with some great spiritual moments! I am trying to enjoy what could be my last little bit in Las Heras because we have transfers next week and it is almost expected that I will be transferred. I guess we will see, but with that Pday will be on Tuesday next week, just so you all know.

The highlight of the week was for sure John!! He is amazing and is progressing really well in the church! We got to church on Sunday and he was already sitting in there just waiting for us to get there. He also was reading and participating in the classes. He even prayed in Sunday school! Then we went over to his house for lunch after church and we were able to meet his girlfriend. They are amazing and I have no doubt that they will be baptized. It is just a matter of time because they are not married and they don't have citizenship here. But they are doing very well. we are going to start teaching her.

The family from the DR, is also doing well. They were not able to come to church but I made them promise me that they would all be there this week! They are super fun.  I would love to keep in touch with them. They told me that once they move back to the DR i have a place to stay if i ever visit! haha

This week we had 2 exchanges. That is when we change companions for 24 hours. I did and exchange with elder gomez (who served 9 months in chile before getting sick, he was in the same group as Cole Finlayson and he knew him, or knew who he was) I learned a lot in that exchange because he is really shy and doesn't talk much. I was forced to be the one teaching more and talking more so it was a great ¨growing outside of my comfort zone¨moment. Then I did an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders Elder Josh Millheim. he went to Lone Peak and I have gotten to know him pretty well because he has been my ZL the whole time here in ARG. They were both great experiences and I learned a lot!

I decided this week that I am going to start focusing on chapter 6 of Preach my Gospel to become an overall better person. This is the chapter about Christlike attributes and I chose to focus on Charity first. It is already making a huge difference. Mostly just where my mind is and how i take things. I would recommend this to anyone, it has been amazing and its only like day 6.

This week I have been a lot better at doing my exercises in the mornings. I feel so much better, I would love to go running but its still just a little too cold in the mornings to be THAT motivated ;) haha

So this week as we have been walking a lot, I have random aches and pains in my hips.... thanks a bunch Grandpa Tom :) haha Its  nothing very bad though.

This week we both bought these fuzzy socks to sleep in and they are super great! A little small for my feet, but i will send a picture. I went with he green, but my comp chose the bright pink. 

Coley great job toughing it out at girls camp, I know that the experiences you had will help you grow! Don't forget to keep up your prayers, Heavenly Father wants to hear from you, and wants to bless and help you! :)

It was a really fun week, I am enjoying my time with my companion especially knowing that we only will have 1 more week together. I hope you all have another great week! Keep working hard in everything you do, hard work really pays off. Especially when we are serving God´s children. I love you all!

♥Elder Sisk

By the way, tell Wyatt congrats about making the golf team. That’s super cool!!! That’s pure proof that hard work pays off! 

New socks

Zone Conference

Alex with John