Hola Familia!! Almost 9 months!!

Hola mi familia!!

This week was pretty good!! Sorry a head of time, the space bar on this computer sucks and it is making me really frustrated. 

So on Monday we went to Parana to have a special pday. That is when we can get together with our whole zone. We went to a park thing by the river and ate and did a slack line. It was really fun and I got to see elder Poulton from the MTC which was the first time since we were in NC together.

This week I have been working on choosing to be happy. I was realizing that I was not being as happy as I should have been and it helped me to have a better week and stay more positive. I also got dad´s letter finally and that was great thank you!

Mom I wanted to ask you if you have had any more news about that job you were trying to get? you told me about the interview and then I never heard more.

This week I have had a cold for most of the week. I am feeling a ton better now but still not 100%... It is funny because it seems like everyone i talk to has their own way of curing a cold. Nyquil is the key. I could use some more though when you can send some :)

We did some service on Wed. and we helped a member from Parana paint our church. He just had us stain the doors and one wooden wall (staining is still the worst... even in Argentina) but the church looks a lot better. I am not sure how much the sisters in the branch like it but we like it.

So German had an interview with Pres Britos yesterday so that he can receive the priesthood next Sunday! We are really excited about that! I want him to have it so when his mom finally comes around he will be able to baptize his own mom. How cool would that be??

On Saturday we were headed to look for a few people who used to talk with the missionaries and we passed this group of people with a huge fridge in the back of a pickup truck. We offered to help and we ended up chatting with them for a few minutes. They were super nice and in the end they invited us to a party! The party was really fun but I think we were the only ones not drunk...... JUST KIDDING. We obviously didn't go! hahah

So last night we were going to spend a lot of time contacting because we are needing more investigators. Turns out the 2 biggest soccer teams in Argentina were playing against the 2 teams from Rosario. Long story short, no one was answering the door.... We decided to go visit this less active named German. (this turned out to be an answer to my prayer. I asked for the help to find 1 person ready to hear the gospel) We get there and his aunt is in town with her friend. They are both English teachers and her friend, Facundo, speaks really well!! I fully believe he is ready to accept the gospel in his life. He doesn't live here in Nogoya but he is going to meet the missionaries where he lives in Federal. Heavenly Father is listening, but sometimes the answers are not what we are expecting!

I love you all! Have another great week!!

♥Elder Sisk

PS No pictures this week because the computer wasn’t working