Conference Weekend

Hola Familia!!

This week was pretty good! We watched conference all in Spanish which was a little bit hard but it was still really good! I will be looking forward for the Liahona to come out to repass some of the stuff! ;)

So we went running every single morning this week!!! We have been trying to get better at getting out of bed on time and this has helped a ton! With that and eating a little more healthy I am starting to feel pretty good! 

So I am in the middle of Alma in my reading of the BOM in Spanish. I read the story about Ammon and his brothers and stuff this week! I really really liked the part of when Aaron is teaching King Limhi`s dad and when he prays. (I wanna say chap 22?) I am starting to really enjoy reading the BOM and its weird but reading it in Spanish actually helps me to understand it more I think?

One night this week we were walking down the street and we thought we smelled chinese food coming from a house so we turned around and walked passed it again to check. Then this lady asked us if we were lost, and we told her the reason for our random turn around and stuff haha. She then told us about this ¨super good¨ pizza place next door and she offered to buy us a pizza. (that doesn't happen here) After a little bit of trying to tell her that we are okay, she just bought it for us anyways. We are gonna go on a little investigation and try to find out who she was because then she just left. she told us that we are angels! haha super nice lady!

This week I hit 1 month straight in writing in my journal!!! Its weird, it is just part of what I do now haha pretty good though, I am learning to be grateful for it. 

On Saturday before the conference we had an activity at the church and an asado (BBQ) it was really good food! We cleaned up the church a little bit and we are still going to be working on it for  this week because there is a big stake activity in our church next Saturday. It its decently nice but it still needs a lot of work! hah

A couple of things from conference:
-I read Elder Dube`s (of the 70) story in one of the Liahona´s, it is pretty cool to see him speak after that.
-50 YEARS as an apostle!?!?! we have a true prophet of God.
-Pretty cool, Elder Scott actually does his own translation into Spanish. random fact, Elder Scott was the mission pres here in Argentina and Elder Chrisoferson served in his mission! hah

Thanks for all of the support! I love you guys, have another great week!!! St. George looked really fun...... jealous... haha 

♥Elder Sisk

Dad, good luck with that 1/2. get to work so you can bring home the gold okay??
Mom, I will send you a letter next week for that Springville thing. You could send the Christmas package and I can TRY to wait till then to open it! haha I know that the packages have a harder time getting here around Christmas time.
Free pizza!
Florencia (member`s daughter)
Hno. Gomez with his 15 dogs!
Asado and cleaning