Almost 20 years of life! wow!

Hola Familia!
We had another good week! we were able to work a lot more with a few less things to do. We had Mission Council on Wednesday, mom saw the pics, It was really fun to spend some time with the other Zone Leaders and I met a few new ones too. They made us really good lunch too which is always a positive!
So we have been finding a ton of people! This last week we did just under 100 contacts (doors/street) and there are a lot of people who wanted to learn more, but just to know, not to actually do anything about it. That man named F. ended up being like that. He just likes to know about things and so he wanted to learn. But we have found a few potentially interested people.
Random thing: There are so many people here who have been buying Chicago Bulls hats because the red and black are the same colors as one of the Rosario soccer teams called Newell´s Old Boys. Its kinda funny to see all of these familiar hats around!
We found a guy named J. this week, he used to talk with the missionaries and go to church like 17 years ago. He is really cool and accepted a baptism date for the 28th, but he didn't make it to church yesterday which was kinda a bummer. We are gonna try to get him to come next week so he can make it to his date.
So Christmas is coming up!!!! haha so the week of Christmas our pday is changed from Monday to Wednesday and our computer time will be the time we have to skype. I need you guys to decide the best time for me to call preferably like 11am-2pm. In that range would be best because it is now a 4 hour difference. just let me know by next week. I hope I can remember my username and password, but if not send me your username again so i can find you.
We went back to G. and L. this week and had a good lesson with G. They were not able to come to church this week but we are going to keep working with them. The hardest part is that they are active in the Evangelical church but they have shown some good signs of progress and interest.
We had Zone Meeting this Friday and afterwards we practiced a skit that we are going to be doing tomorrow in the mission Christmas conference. It was really funny and I have a few pics to send too.
So I was talking with Elder Whitaker and his comp taught him how to make ties more skinny. So I gave him 4 of my ties and he skinnied them for me. They are way cool, Ill send pictures too.
So I got new music from the mission office this week when we went and they had a few really good (normal) songs. I really like the song I Was There - Josh Turner. It talks about the life and how Heavenly Father is watching and is with us. That is something I have been learning a lot on my mission is how much we matter to him.
Last night.... it rained..... hard...... haha the hardest rain of my life by far! We had to run 6 blocks and by the time we got home I think I was wetter than I would be in the shower! It was nuts!!
Well we had a great week, I hope you did too!!! I am excited to skype and I hope you have another great week!!!
Love you!!!

Elder Al

My new jersey

Skinny ties!
our skit w/ Elder Rodriguez