December...what the??

Hola Familia!!!

Wow so another week just flew by!! I cant believe that my birthday, Christmas, new years, and my 1 year in the mission are all just right around the corner! Time flies, don't blink.

So at the beginning of the week i had a really cool experience. Now that I am a ZL we do the baptismal interviews for all of the district leaders and on Monday i was able to interview a woman named L. and she was baptized this Saturday. I think I was more nervous than her going in but it went well and she was very prepared to be baptized. She has been reviewing all the stuff before she came. Her and her parents were baptized together on Saturday.

So we were in Casilda last Pday and I was able to hang out with Elder Whitaker for the day on an exchange. It was cool to be able to talk with him and stuff. It is a nice little city and their branch in the church is growing really fast!!!

On Wednesday we had a leadership training for a ton of missionaries here in Rosario. The missionaries who were supposed to go open the church lost their keys and had to come sleep in our apartment on Tuesday night. Then in the morning we had to go help set stuff up but it was really fun to see a bunch of missionaries and I got to see Elder Topham for the first time which was cool! Elder Eliosoff was actually his trainer.

I got the ruckus letters this week but I got 3 loads of them at the same time! haha but I always love getting those and reading all of them. I hope the newsletter comes soon! :)

So last week we contacted this couple named G. and L. This week we were able to find them and teach them. They are active in the Evangelical church but they accepted a baptism date for the 14th of Dec! the only bad thing is that they would not be able to miss a Sunday at church because our rule in the mission is twice in church before the baptism... they didn't come yesterday but its okay because we are gonna go find them again and change the date to something more realistic. They are super awesome and they even told us that they know they have not found everything yet in their other church. I´ll keep you updated!!

So this week I have been trying to be a better listener... I realized that I was doing a really bad job of listening or showing that I am interested in what people are saying to me. I think I got to a point where I didn't need to focus to understand the Spanish and then I got a little too comfortable. But I have been trying a lot harder to listen and use that to help invite the spirit. I have been really trying to become a better person overall but for a while I felt like I was so focused on my faults and errors that I couldn't focus on other people and I just felt crappy. I have been trying to focus on the needs of others and its helping a lot!

I started reading the book The Miracle Of Forgiveness by Spencer W Kimball. Its awesome!!! I have had my eyes opened to various things this week and I am learning a lot! I have almost finished my reading of the BOM in Spanish which will be kinda nice to finish. I have been focused on making my goal of Dec. 13. It really is weird how I kinda like reading now. :P

This weekend we had stake conf. and it was pretty cool! Their stake conference looked like a pretty typical Sunday in Utah but it was really cool to see so many people together and stuff. We have a pretty good stake, almost all of the ward are pretty established.

Well I'm sorry I feel like this was a short letter but we are doing well and we are looking forward to having a few less things to do this week so we can work a lot harder!! I love you guys and have a great week!!!

♥Elder Sisk

Elder Topham

Elder Valladares and Elder Topham

My Thanksgiving dinner

Baptism that the ward had

This is what happens when you get cut and don't know exactly what's in the first aid kit :)