Skype in 6 days?!? wow! - May 5

Hola Familia!

This week was pretty busy but it was really good. We had a few meetings and things but I am really excited to keep working and finish up strong in Azcuenaga!

I am excited to skype with you guys this sunday!! I am thinking that we will be calling at about 3:00 UTAH TIME. But just be ready and have your email open just in case of a problem. haha like last time when the power went out!

This week we are planning to go and start the process of MARRAIGE for D and R! We are really excited and i am kinda pushing to get it all done before I leave :) I think they are on board, but I will have more info to tell you on Sunday! The ward is already really happy and excited to have them in the ward, we had Ward Council yesterday and we are gonna try to help them get involved with activities and all that good stuff.

Wednesday we had Mission Counsel again. It was really good like always, I am always surprised how fast each month goes by. I found out that I will get to go to one more as a Zone Leader and it will actually be the last one of Pres. Giuliani. I am going to miss him a lot, we have gotten a lot closer since I have been ZL and he is a great example to me. He already told me I can go over to his house in Provo when ever I want ;) But everyone has said that Pres. Zanni (the new president) is really great, strict, but a good guy!

We had a ward activity this Thursday because it was a holiday, I think it was the Argentina form of Labor Day. It was really fun, we played volleyball and stuff. It is interesting because before the mission I really didn't like ward activities at all, but now as a missionary I see the importance of them, even more in a ward that struggles to grow and have that family feel.

So I don't know if you guys realized.... I still cant believe how much time has past. But yesterday P hit her one year mark as a member of the church. May 4th. I called her on Saturday night and she is happy. She had a little bit of a rough patch in the church but she assured me that she is back. I am actually going today to visit my first area in Las Heras. I am really excited to get to visit P, J, The B Family, The G Family, and a few other random people. It will be great!!

We had Zone meeting on Saturday and it went really really well. Everyone left really excited to work and all. I gave a training on Contacts and how important it is to contact people and to reach the Mission standard of 140 contacts each week. We have seen the number of contacts shooting up recently in our zone, and we set a goal to keep it going up!

So i found out that packages can still make it in!! not with food but other stuff. I just have to pay 25 pesos (like 3 dollars) when it gets here to receive it. So I was thinking if you want to send a small package with the ........ and maybe some ...... we can talk more about that on Sunday!

I am really excited to see you guys, have a great week and keep up on your scripture study and prayers!!! Love you guys!

Elder Sisk

Picture at Mission Council
Pictures in my area. -  I took advantage of a day we left early in the morning to take a few pictures of our apartment and the church and stuff.

The Sacrament Meeting room.