Time flying in Rosario! - April 28

Hola Familia!
Okay I have to admit, mom, my week wasn't very exciting either. I sat down and as I was reading your letter, I realized, hmmmmmmm..... yeah not to much but I will do my best to expand on the stuff I have to make it worth reading :)
So first thing, last pday we went to....... wait for it.... play bowling!!! surprise! haha but it was really fun and I pulled off a 163. (the picture dad sent me of me bowling when I was 5 is awesome!) While we were in the bowling alley, you wont believe what song came on! Mr. Jones! haha it made me think of all the times going for drives with Dad in the Fiat when we had that. like 1000 years ago :)
On Wednesday, we had transfers again. (The worst part about being a Zone Leader) we were in the bus station for a solid 12 hours on Wednesday. Tons of missionaries passed through and it was fun/boring/long/exhausting haha but we had 8 changes in our zone. I am really excited to see how everyone works this next transfer, we have seen a lot of people happy with their new areas/companions/districts. We are also trying to see how we can help more as Zone Leaders so that everyone is excited and working hard. Everything starts with setting the example so we have been working on everything to set a good example.
We are still working with D, R and their families to have a big baptism on the 31st of May. That will be my last weekend in this area and it would be sooo cool to be able to finish on that! D and O his brother are going back to school which has been a little hard because we cant visit them that much, but we are still trying to have FHEs and stuff to help them!
We met this lady named G this week. We feel like she is very prepared to receive the gospel and everything. We were going to go on Saturday and we had planed to give her a baptismal date but on friday night someone broke into their car and lit the whole thing on fire. It was torched bad.... We felt really bad but there is nothing we can do ya know?? But we are going to go tomorrow I think, her daughter is only 12 and already started reading the BOM.
I had to go do my fingerprints for my visa again because they lost the last ones, that was actually really fun because we got to spend time with the secretary Elder Hill, he is really cool and we get along really well. I will have to go again next week to finish the papers for my visa. Luckily they do all the work, i just have to show up and sign a couple of things and wait in lines haha.
Sister N gave us an awesome reference this week! her name is I, (kinda an odd name but she is cool) She was gonna come to church but had to go to her Sisters house. She is 19 and her mom died about a year ago. She had a lot of great questions about the church and when we invited her to go to church she was all in! She is going to come to FHE tonight and we are gonna continue teaching her!
Well that's it for this week, i hope you are all doing well! have another great week and think about what time will work best to call for skype! next week we can organize all of that! love you guys!!
Elder Sisk