Great week in Rosario! :) - May 19, 2014

Skyping with the family

Hola Familia!

It was great talking with you guys on skype! Its weird to think that the next time it will all be ending haha. But I'm really glad that you are all doing well, we are as well here. Working hard. we had a hard time finding our investigators this week, they were always busy or not home when we went by but we have been doing a lot of contacts trying to find those who have been prepared  to receive the gospel.

Last pday we went to this little city called Casilda to have an asado with some other missionaries it was really fun to see some of them from our zone and stuff.

This week I realized that I have not been using the mission money that they give us very well. I am starting to implement a budget to help me not have to spend money from my personal card, I am going to have to just start paying a little bit more attention to the prices and stuff but it will be a great habit to get started to carry on after my mission as well!

This week I was able to do an exchange in Funes (the nicest/richest area in our mission) We contacted some huge houses! haha it was kinda a fun change but sadly we had no success... but we had a really good lesson with this man named G. He is a great guy, he is kinda back and forth between believing in God and not. He has never really gone to a church but I have faith that the Elders in Funes will be able to help him find the truth :)

Our mission has been doing something new. I don't remember if I told you guys about it or not. We have "golden hour" that means from 6-7 every day our whole mission is contacting in the street. It is kinda interesting how many missionaries don't want to do it, but Pres has made it clear that this is not an option, it is a mission rule. We have had slight troubles with it just because it is a great hour here to teach a lesson but we have made it a priority and we saw the results. On Saturday we contacted a lady named A. She told us when we got there that she doesn't believe in God but as we started talking about the Restoration and stuff she really had a light in her eye. We are excited to go back this week!

So this week my shoes took a big hit... one of the pairs I have is not doing so hot. I bought some glue and went to town but it just went back to how it was before in like 3 days... I took them to a guy who helped me before fix my shoes and he is gonna try to help but if not, i may need you to send me another pair. I will have more info for next pday.

I love you guys a lot, I am praying for you all and I am glad that you are doing well! Keep strong on the Book of Mormon Challenge as well as daily prayers! Heavenly Father is listening in every minute of every day! :)

Elder Sisk

Visiting my first area

My new scripture covers

D and L, cooked the asado for us
She doesnt like Newells haha
game we played in FHE