Week 3 in Argentina


Wow this week was so great! We worked our butts off and we actually got the standards. They are goals set by the mission as far as the numbers of lessons and stuff. we had: 1 baptism, 5 investigators with a date, 6 who attend church, 12 lessons with a member present, 10 other lessons, 5 progressing investigators, 9 referrals received and 6 contacted, 16 new investigators (which means 2 positive contacts with each) and we had 141 street contacts! It was great! The assistants actually called us last night to say good job because that hasn't been done for a while in our mission. Pretty cool.

BAPTISM!!! Yes Joaquin got baptized yesterday and it was so awesome! He is a total stud and I really feel like his baptism will make his family a lot stronger in the church!

Okay so pretty much Pamela is just perfect. She came to church again and she is still set to be baptized this Saturday! She is so solid already it is amazing. We want to convince her to serve a mission. I feel like she would be a super good Temple Square missionary!

So I wish I could really explain how crazy the drivers are here, I´ll do my best, There are no speed limits, no lines on the road, and people pretty much do whatever they want! A lot of people just drive motorcycles because they are cheaper. The other day I saw one motorcycle with 5 PEOPLE ON IT! So crazy but its nice just being able to cross the street anywhere because crosswalks almost don't exist either.

So I found out that Messi the soccer player actually grew up in the area I am serving in. Pretty cool. Oh you asked about the size of it. You can look it up on google maps. Find the intersection of San Martin and Uriburu in Rosario (kinda southern) and then go a mile north south east and west. We cover close to a 2 mile square.

Elder Welsh and I are still getting along super well! Most of the time it just feels like I'm chilling with a friend. It makes it way more enjoyable and easier to work really hard!

I bought 2 new ties last Monday so if you see a $20 charge that is what is was. They are both sweet I like them a lot. I wore one yesterday for the baptism so you will see it in the pictures.

So I have been reading the book True to the Faith and it is super good, I like learning a little bit about a lot of things! But I read this week about Family Home Evening... haha I know we weren't the best at doing that. But i feel like that is something you guys should start doing. We have a promise from the Lord that our families will be blessed and strengthened when we hold a weekly family home evening! D&C 82:10
1.      Q:  How are your feet doing?  My feet are a ton better! I taped my arch supports into them and that helped a ton!  
2.      Q: Have you tried Alfajores (they are a brownie like pastry)?   Yes the rumor is true, Alfajores are very, very, very, very good and very, very, very, very fattening! I have had a few but we have done pretty good at staying away from those and Facturas (Kinda similar to a donut). I think I have gained some weight but not much. The walking and hot weather helps that a lot.
3.      Q:  Where do you go to get/send your emails?  Can you print them out?   We go to the Ciber inside of the big store here. It is usually about 15 pesos each for us (3 dollars) so its not bad at all. We could print but I always have enough time to read them all so I haven't needed to.
4.      Q:  Do you know if DearElder is a good way for people to write to you while you are out there?   Yeah DearElder works. But the deal with the mail is, it all goes to the mission home and whenever someone from your district goes to the mission home they try to grab everything from their district. Usually once or twice a month. That is for letters and packages.
5. Yeah I have been emailing some people. Friends and people from the MTC. No letters though.

I love you all and you are in my prayers! Have a great week!
Elder Sisk

P.S.  Oh also there is this guy here who is a RM and he speaks perfect English. His name is Juanmanual Gomez. Everyone in the ward gets me and him mixed up because they say we look alike. pretty funny.

Then also, last night we made cinnamon rolls from scratch. soooooooo good!! :)