Week 2 in Argentina!

Hola familia!

Okay I will start with your questions:

Question: It was about a charge on his debit card.
Yes the 160 was a fee that they made me pay to get on the plane but i found out when I got here that I didn’t need to pay it. The mission refunded me with 833 pesos so I will just use that as my personal money for a while.

Question: How is the food?  What kind of stuff do you guys eat?
The food is really good for the most part. BEEF all the time and it’s amazing. No pasta like we thought. I have eaten a few weird things. small intestine and blood sausage so far. but I like almost all of the food. No spicy food which is a bummer.

Question: How does the Spanish there compare to what you heard in NC or from the guys in the kitchen at Joes? :)
The Spanish is a little different but mostly because of their Castllano accent. (I miss Joe´s a lot...)

Yeah that package sounds great. Honestly maybe a few things of ramen haha 

Coley great job on making the choir! that will be so fun and you will make so many new friends. Congrats!

Okay so now for this week which flew by!! We have been working super hard and we taught 25 lessons this week which is a ton! 11 of them were with members present so that is super cool. we get a lot of support. We are going for the mission standards this week which would be awesome!

We have an absolutely golden investigator named Pamela Fierpo. She has a baptism date for the 4th of May and she is so awesome! From the beginning all she wanted was to keep learning more and more. She reads the BoM and watches the movies that we give her. She is a pro ballerina and she owns a studio so we went there and left a blessing on her studio and it was really powerful! She came to church yesterday and the first thing she said was ´´I just wish it was next Sunday already´´. We are super excited about her.

We have a baptism this Sunday after church for a little kid named Joaquin. He is 9 and is a total stud! His sister just recently came back to church after 4 years and got a calling into the YW program so that will be great for her.
We met a lady this week who literally talked about 150 mph. From the second she started talking I was just left in the dust. We haven’t been able to go back to visit her yet.

I gave a talk in church yesterday and it went really well. After my talk the bishop stood up and gave me a very nice compliment and talked about the gift of tongues. It was a little intimidating to speak in Spanish but it was good.

My foot was hurting all week. My arch supports kept moving around so finally I just taped them onto my insoles of my shoes and that has helped. but it was hurting my toe because my arch was in the wrong spot. I also had to pop a few blisters this week which was a big feat for me ;)

I got kinda sick on Saturday while I was on an exchange with the Zone Leaders. We think it was mostly lack of water.

There are so many dogs here it is unreal! Most of them are super gross and I would never touch, but the ones that are pets are super fun to pet and play with. I had one fall asleep in my arms on its back like a baby would right in the middle of a lesson!

We are teaching two ex pro soccer players right now. One played for Newell´s which is a big team here in Rosario!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I will try to send what I can but i am in an area that we are not allowed to take our camera or phone with us. But I will take as many as I can I promise.

I love you all so much! I hope everyone has a great week!! Thanks for all the support! 

♥Elder Sisk