Week 1 in Argentina!

Hola familia!

Wow week one was so great already! Time is flying already and we are working super hard!

So the moment of truth.... I am serving in Rosario! I am in the city here and it is awesome! Its a big change from Hendersonville but I really like it a lot. My companion is Elder Peter Welsh and he is great. We get along really well and we have been teaching a ton already. He is from Bakersfield CA and he plays football for BYU. He has about 7 months left on the mission and he is like perfect at Spanish so its super helpful. I have probably already learned more Spanish here than I did in 6 weeks in NC. We are going to try to go running every other morning.

Okay so i will have more stories about investigators next week cause we have a big week planned but we are expecting and excited to see some success (baptisms) here pretty soon so that is exciting. We actually have one scheduled for the 27th of this month. His name is Joaquin and he is 9 and he is a total stud! 

Our apartment (pench) is actually really nice. I will send pictures of it. It is 2 floors and we have 2 bathrooms. 1 is pretty much just showering and using the toilet and the other is where we like get ready so its pretty nice to have. We get lunch (the biggest meal of the day) pretty much everyday here so it is super nice to be able to kinda get to know the members. I mean other than a small language barrier... hah

Each month we get 500 pesos which is about 100 dollars. I heard that is usually plenty so I wont be spending much of my personal money now that I am here. 

There are 2 recent RMs here who speak perfect english from their missions in the states so other than my companion and other missionaries they are the only ones I can talk to very much. One of them says he knew Elder Radford in Washington DC. His name is Eric Martinez. 

The flight was alright I slept for like half the time. I sat with Hermana Andrews on the plane cause I had 2 empty seats next to me. It was fun to catch up a bit. I got to talk to Zach Hixon on the phone one of my first nights here and he said he is going to try to come say hi before he leaves because he is going to visit an old area that is close to mine. 

So as far as mail here, it sounds like just send things to the Mission office and I will be able to get it all there. Most missionaries have gotten multiple packages and they say its pretty save as far as actually getting here with the contents still in it. I guess some smaller sized packages are not quite so expensive so if you were to send me one... :) ................ My inserts slide around sometimes and its annoying because of the ones I have right now.

Other news: I finished the Book of Mormon this week and that was pretty good. I am now going to start reading in Spanish. 
The drivers here are....CRAZY! holy cow it is unreal. There are next to no rules so you can imagine. Surprisingly there are not many accidents.

I love you all so much and I hope everyone is doing well! You are in my prayers daily. Have a great week!

♥Elder Sisk

PS. Matte is gross, and there are soooooo many dogs here. they are all huge too! a lot of them are gross looking and its pretty sad. I pet all of the ones who look decent at all haha

PSS. There is a place called Sisk Grill or something like that in Forest City, NC

Elder Sisk, Elder Welsh, President and Sister Giuliani

Buenos Aires Temple

Our bedroom
Our kitchen area