Loves from NC!!

Hola Familia!!

Wow another week that just flew by!! I am still loving it here in NC and the people are great as ever!! I took a bunch of pictures this week, so I will send them in a separate email! It really is just crazy how fast time flies out here, weeks go by like days.

So on Thursday, we had a training meeting in Charlotte for anyone who is a trainee. It was great because I got to see all of my friends from the MTC there and we hung out the whole day! It was a long day, but seeing them made it worth it. It is about a 2 hour drive from here so I rode with the other 2 Elders that are serving in Hendersonville, they are great and it was really fun. We also did our first legit exchange this week, Elder Kamoe is the District Leader so he has to go on exchanges with each of the missionaries in our district in each transfer. So we had Elder Demond with us for a day and that was a lot of fun!

We have still been teaching a lot of English :)/:( It is good and bad, because my spanish is not improving as fast as it could, but its good because I can contribute a ton more in the English lessons. We have still been teaching IJ and Jacob and they were actually both at church this sunday so that was great! They are both very excited about the church and hopefully that excitement stays there. Allden Harnage is supposed to be getting baptized this week right before conference on Sat. We watch conference at the church so we will be there anyways!

This Tuesday, we had interviews with Pres Craven. It was great to see him and his wife because they are seriously the nicest people ever! They both know my name and are super supportive of us. They are so great!

We were given a special assignment from the branch pres to find ALL of the Micronesians in Hendersonville and get names, numbers, addresses, ages, and who is related to who. What a big job huh? YES, if you knew how many there were here you would agree. But we all love them so it makes it really fun. We want to get as many of them coming to church as we possibly can. We are going to 'throw down' on 2 of them tonight so that will be fun :)

So Elder Kamoe is pretty much a genius when it comes to church stuff and doctrine. Most of our companionship studies (9-11am every day) turn into just a deep discussion about doctrine and its pretty awesome!

The other night, we were with the Mikos Family. They are the ones who have the little daughter who Texa posted the picture of (Yarethi, who he talked about last week). We had the chance to help Ralph (the dad) give his first priesthood blessing. He was ordained an Elder about 2 weeks ago. Yetti has been sick for a while and her mom wanted her to have a blessing. It was such an amazing experience. They asked me to anoint her and then Ralph gave the blessing. I will never forget the moment that he thanked us with tear filled eyes. This family is so amazing and we can see the Lord blessing them as they are doing what they should be doing. They are becoming very strong in the church. Hopefully Ralph and Mayi will be able to go to the temple soon :)

It was another amazing week, and this week will be too! I love being a missionary so much, we were talking about it the other night! I love you all so much!

Elder Sisk

Me and Yetti :)

The MTC Crew, serving in North Carolina

The coolest freeway exit ever!!
Our apartment. After we cleaned and organized it!!

Us and Danyelle, she is our server every Thursday at Pizza Hut!
Me and Carmen
Me and Texa  haha