Week 22 of the Mish!!

Hola Familia!

Happy Father´s Day Dad!!!!

This week flew by! I feel like it was only yesterday that I was sitting here in the Ciber writing an email to you guys! Things are starting to pick back up again and we are starting to find more people to teach. Things went kinda dead for a bit, it is really hard to keep it going after having a ton of success in an area. But we are working hard!

Okay I am going to start with your questions because I have not been very good at answering them lately.
Mom, Yes a lot of people sleep the siesta but a lot just chill in their house and drink mate too, just depends.
That is SOOOO funny about Cole! Me and my comp were both laughing hard at that. I'm proud that he didn't let him push him around. A lot of missionaries don't fully understand that it needs to be even.
Dad, My Spanish is getting A TON better. I have gotten a lot of compliments lately. Obviously I am not a pro or fluent at this point, but to answer your next question, I think i could get along pretty well if I was alone. I can buy stuff, ask directions, and order food from Subway so that's all I need right? But yes it is improving a lot. I even catch myself thinking in Spanish at times. Obedience is key!
Dad, My companion is short. He is from Uruguay and he likes basketball a ton which is cool! We get along well for the most part, but being from different countries there are times we have different ways of doing things and stuff but that is just part of it. He has only 1 sister as well and he will have gone for 3 years and 9 months without seeing here by the end of his mission. She served in Chile and was gone when he left. He finishes his mission in January.
Yeah it was really great to see Welsh, He said he likes being AP.

Okay so for this week:
We met this lady with a bunch of cats (i think i told you) well we went back and taught her. Her name is Laura (pronounced lauda in Spanish) she is suuper nice and loves us!! She is hard to teach though because she is constantly going off on some rant. We have high hopes for her though, I feel like she would make a great Mormon grandma who just spoils all the kids in the ward! hahah

I was able to help some of the Latin missionaries in our zone with their English booklets (its a mission thing for them to learn English) at district meeting and that was really fun.

We taught this guy named Jose 2 times now. He is crazy, but so funny. He is all over the place all the time, and LOVES the US. He is always asking me questions... weird questions. Like if they have the death penalty and electric chair in Utah. 

This week I had Tramites which is the papers you have to fill out to renew your visa and get an Argentina ID. I wasn't able to do it, so we have to go back tomorrow. But it will be kinda cool to have and ID card from here. 

One morning we were on our way to a street that we wanted to contact and I had some guy yell CIA, CIA, CIA at me. I guess this is really common for tall Yankees(American) missionaries here. Also right after that There was this group of girls close to my age and I could tell they were looking at us. As we got close to them they started to cross the street and one of them looked at me and said ¨hey, mi amor¨. I cant help it, I guess I'm just too cute :) hahaha

This week was suuuuper humid for a couple of days! Big change for a Utah boy. I was so sweaty for a few days. They weather has been really random this week. Hot and cold.

We went to visit this investigator this week and her and her brother were singing karaoke on youtube. It was super fun and they are really good at singing. They are 2 who investigated the church a long time ago, but we are starting to talk to them again. This was a good way to gain some trust with them and be able to just have fun. They both love to sing English songs. Neither of them speak English but they can sing the songs with almost no accent! I was pretty impressed.

I cut my hair by myself on Saturday! (picture coming) I bought some hair clippers from my zone leader who is going home in 2 weeks for like 15 dollars. It will be nice to have, I think I will just always keep my hair pretty short. It is a lot easier to deal with.

I have also started a new goal, I am going to take pictures of the day. I want to take at least one picture each day of something random. This will help me take more pictures because I am a little bit out of the habit since welsh left.

We have been eating more alfajors... They are really good! I am trying to limit myself a little bit because 1- I don't want to get fat and 2- they get expensive after a while.

I ate another tomato this week. There are a lot of missionaries here who started their missions hating tomatoes and now they love them. So maybe I will go over to the dark side... who knows?

Yesterday I was able to bless the sacrament in Spanish for the first time. It was really cool to do!
Luciano and Amaray Juncos are set to be baptized this Saturday! I am so blessed to be able to work with the Juncos family. They are so great, we were able to go give Maria and Claudia´s mom a blessing this week. Their family is very special to me. 

That is all that I have this week! I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week!! I am so grateful and I thank my Heavenly Father daily for the family and friends that I have, I am very blessed. Loves!!

♥Elder Sisk