Week 23 (I think)

Hola Familia!!

Another great week on the grind!! We have been working hard this week and we had a couple of great things happen! I hope you all had a great week too!!

First.... BAPTISM!!! Yes we had the baptism of Luciano and Amaray on Saturday! It was so great! Amaray asked me to baptize her so that was really cool as well! We didn't have a ton of members there at the baptism but it was still really good and everyone stayed for a while after to chat! I made cookies again and they were a hit like always, I am going to translate it because they all want to learn how to make them!

Okay so to respond to some of your stuff, 
-Mom, yes Hermana Abonizio actually does not speak English at all. They told me that they put your comment into the google translator and then respond and translate it again! Pretty funny! But yes they are called besos (kisses) they kiss on the cheek here, but we don't do it, just the good ole hand shake.
-Park City looked super fun!! That will really need to be on the to do list when I get home!! You guys will have to have a list! and way to go mom, going on the big kid rides ;)
-Mom, The Tarzan song, I actually listen to that song a lot! I got a lot of Disney music from Elder Dillon when I was in NC and that is one of the songs I listen to a lot! Has the same effect!
-Mom, Yes sorry I'm the worst, but no my package was not messed with last time. Lets hope it is the same this time. From what I have heard usually they are fine.

So this week we got to finish our tramites, that was nice to get out of the way and really nice that I was here in Rosario because if not it is a super long trip. (only about 45-60 min for us)

Next week Pday is on Tuesday for the transfers, just so you know.

So this week Newell´s and Central both won their divisions (soccer) for the whole country of Argentina. Those are the two teams that are here in Rosario. Wow was it crazy!!!! People were honking their cars and shooting fireworks for like 3 days after! I love the game day feel here!

This week has been a lot colder!! It isn't too bad during the day, especially because we are walking and everything. But at night I have been sleeping in sweats and my thermal top. It is mostly because we don't have heating, only a small space heater but it is really expensive to keep it running all night.

The new jacket I bought has been great! It is really warm and just better. I am thinking I will give my other one to a family or something here, someone who needs it. Would that be okay?

So the ward activity was great!! They had a lot of little activities and games to play. Empanada contest (Claudia won!), and races and stuff. But the highlight of the activity for us was this game (there are pictures) where each of the kids sat on a chair and their moms put on red lip stick and they raced to see who could kiss their kids face the most times. SOO FUNNY! I think the winner was 15.

We have been teaching Claudia and Maria´s brother and his family lately. They have shown some interest but I will keep you posted on that.

So yes, I watched the meeting thing last night. Did you guys see the Palmers that were in our ward?? So I wish i could say that i got more out of it... but I am not THAT good at Spanish yet... But it was really cool to see so many from the MTC there!

Alright that is it till next time!! I hope you guys have a great week! And pray that I get to say in Las Heras for at least another transfer!! (Barrio means ward/neighborhood by the way) I am so grateful

for all of you!! Love you!!

Elder Sisk ♥

Baptism of Luciano and Amaray
Elder Sisk and Amaray
Dinner at Pamela's with Elder Welsh and his new companion

Study time with Elder Clavero

They've been cooking a bit :)
Tug O War at the ward activity

Ward activity - Moms kissing kid's faces