Week 8! Wow!!

Hola Familia!

This week was really rough, our numbers were really low and we just could not seem to get our lessons to stick. We had a lot of doors closed in our face and a lot of excuses! But.... We are still working hard and we have Amaray and Luciano moving towards baptism! I also want to apologize, I forgot my camera today so I wont be able to send pictures. SORRY!!!

On Monday we had lunch with Pamela and her family. It was really fun because Elder Welsh and his new comp Elder Yarro came down for the lunch too. It was really fun to be with Welsh again in her house.  I also ate a tomato for the first time on my mission and...... It was not bad hahaha

We were contacting this week and we had a man open the door and before we could even say a word he said ¨nope we are all satanics here¨ and closed the door. I couldn't even hold the laughter in! That is very typical to get crazy excuses and people who will just shut us down before we say anything.

I bought a book from the mission office called stories of the Book of Mormon. I bought it for the Juncos family because they have some little kids. It was such a good idea, Luciano read 28 chapters in the first day and almost finished the book by the next time we say him. Amaray read a bunch too! Also with them, we are moving their baptism back 1 week because of fathers day next Sunday. But we taught the word of wisdom lesson and Luciano has a piercing in his lip (very common here) and we told him that it would be best to take it out. He stood right up, walked in the other room, and when he came back it was gone! Such a stud!!

As you may have noticed, Silvia was not above when I said who was preparing for baptism... She got really sick and I guess that the doctor told her that she needs to smoke marijuana in order to keep her feeling well. She told us that she doesn´t want to keep having us over since she can´t follow the word of wisdom. We are still trying to work with her though. I will keep you posted.

Have I told you about how siesta works?  It is the hardest thing ever as a missionary because no one is willing to answer the door or have a lesson. It is a solid 3 hours of hard boring work.

There was also an Argentina soccer game this week and that also is a time that we couldn't work. Luckily we had a lesson with the Juncos family that night so it didn't affect us too much.

On Saturday we spent the morning in the hospital with the brother of our mission president´s wife. He is at a hospital really close to our house and we went to stay with him for a while so his wife could go home and rest. It was really nice to be able to do. We also might have caught a glimpse of Sports Center while we were there ;) but most of it was about soccer.

We had a dog with legit dreadlocks follow us for over a mile on Saturday too. there are a lot of really gross looking dogs here! haha

I am sorry that I don't have much more to say this week, it was a very slow week but we are still working hard and my Spanish is coming along really fast. I'm not pro but it is improving a lot!

I love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Sisk