Another Week Down South!!

Hola Familia!!

Wow what a week it was! We have been working super hard and had a few really great experiences!

Okay now on to my usual hit ¨hit the random highlights of the week¨. Silvia was not baptized because she got really sick this week and spent almost all week in bed. She also did not quit smoking in time, on Monday we had to go talk to her and tell her that she couldn't be baptized and it was the saddest thing. This 51 year old woman who I have come to love so much, just starts crying when we told her. I bore my testimony to her about trials that we have in our lives, and I felt like the gift of tongues was really working at that time because the words were just coming. We are going to keep working with her, I know she can do it!!

On Monday we went downtown to the shopping. I bought a new jacket because I decided that I really don't like the one that we bought at Mr. Mac. (Also, Mr. Mac sucks, I had to redo the hem in the pants we bought from them... oh well its all part of the experience!) While we were shopping I found this jacket that was 1,500 pesos ($300) and if I was not a missionary I would have spent a lot of time thinking about buying it! hah

This week I have been working on being perfectly obedient, because obedience brings miracles and that is literally how I am learning Spanish. It is coming so fast, now that I have Clavero. Honestly every day my Spanish improves in some way or another. But I also know that if we are obedient, we will continue to find success. We gave baptism dates to 2 kids ages(11) and (13). I know that if we are still obedient we will continue to have more success.

I decided that Heavenly Father is really trusting our family right now.  He is trusting us to take good care of His children. Last night we had a Fireside with Pres Giuliani with the YSAs in our stake. There was a comment made about callings in the church and how they are callings over an area, not over the people who are filling the seats on Sundays. I thought this was really interesting and something that everyone can be better at for sure.

I talked to Carla about the message she sent you. That was really nice, because she doesn't speak that great of English! She wants to learn really badly though! She is great!

This week we contacted (yes mom, we usually just start ringing random doorbells or clapping outside of their gates. Here when they have a gate, you don't go in, you clap from the street.) a lady who told us she has over 20 cats.... haha we have not gone back yet, but I am a little nervous of what her house may look like! hah

There was a soccer game this week Newell´s is one of the big teams here in Rosario and my area is almost entirely Newells fans. The game was late at night and every time Newells scored, there was honking, yelling, cannon blasts, and cheering for about 15 minutes straight! (no joke) I love the way people get into the soccer here. It has taught me new ways to watch the Twolves games after the mish ;)

So nothing screams YOUR NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE like seeing 8 cop cars and 2 motorcycles pull up in front of a house down the street and them searching like 3 houses and patting everyone down. haha I thought, wow that is probably more cops than the entire Springville PD! This happened while we were helping a family paint their house on Friday!

So Elder Clavero is from Zach´s mission in Uruguay. I am finding out that Zach and I are pretty much eating the same food, and have a lot of things very very similar!

Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you, and you are in my prayers every day!

♥Elder Sisk

Alex and Elder Clavero