Another week bites the dust!

Hola familia!!!

This week was great!! I have some good updates for the week! But I will start with your questions!

Mom: I will buy shoes if I have the chance, if not, its all good. welcome to the mission :) and we have transfers coming up and I think i have a good chance of getting moved. After 3 transfers in 1 area it is almost likely. But Elder Clavero could get transferred too so we´ll see.
Dad: The humidity is..... different. Its not that cold so I don't notice it a ton. I think I will notice more in the summer. And yes we have been working with the members a lot and its great, they help a lot! 

So the highlight of this week is we found a family from the Dominican Republic and we taught them twice and one of them named Carlos came to church on Sunday! They are super fun and they seem to be interested so lets hope that continues! they have the cutest little daughter, We have a lot of fun with them and I LOVE their accent in Spanish! I have pics with them!

John the Columbian also came to church again this week! He is awesome, and he is showing a ton of interest in the church. After church he told us that he was planning on quitting smoking. We didn't even know he smoked and we didn't even teach the word of wisdom lesson yet, but he is just constantly progressing and he likes the Book of Mormon too!

Mom, in the package you send, will you send a bunch of pictures? just of everything, I love having a bunch!

So this week we had Interviews with the President. It was great to talk with him and he seemed to be happy with almost everything I am doing. Another great thing was I was able to do 99% of it in Spanish. I only said 2 words in English so that was really good. My Spanish has been improving a lot. He mostly just asked about the area, my comp, and how I'm liking the mission. Then after we went and got Pizza with a bunch of the other missionaries it was pretty fun!

We have been spending a lot of time lately with the Bustos Family! They are super great and they have not been members for too long, but they are all starting to get involved in the missionary work and one daughter invited her friend to church this week as well!

So we had really weird weather this week! It started out really cold and super windy! then to top it off, the outlet where we plug in our heater during studies broke so we ended up doing our studies downstairs with the stove on full blast trying to stay warm. You just do what ya gotta do! we are gonna buy a new outlet.

The Abonizio family has been going all out helping us with the missionary work lately. They have given us 2 very good refs and I think one of them will end up progressing pretty quickly. It is amazing how much better, faster, and easier the work is when the member help us find people to teach, they have been a real blessing to us as well as many other families in the ward.

It is amazing how much happiness comes from having investigators in church! yesterday was so great and it was started because of that! Missionary work is true happiness! 

Last night we did a fireside with the ward and we gave a 40 minute lesson which went really well. Our ward and stake are starting to show a lot of interest in jump starting the missionary work and to start helping all of the missionaries a lot! Afterwards I got a few comments on my Spanish wish was really cool. They were telling me that its impressive that I can speak pretty well because usually when  missionary starts in this area they leave before they speak very well. I really love this area!

This week was great and I think we are on track to have another great week! Its so great to start seeing our hard work pay off. Sometimes we just gotta get through the trials and hard times then we really start seeing success and joy! I love the mission and it really is going super fast! Thanks for all that you guys do for me, I am really blessed to have you all!! I love you all, remember this week that Heavenly Father is listening and wants to hear and answer prayers!

♥Elder Sisk