Week 37 in the books!

Hola familia!!

So we had a great week, we spent a lot of time getting everything ready for the baptism! YES the baptism!! We had it on Saturday and it went better than expected. We were worried about getting people there to support and everything, but we had 27 people there and it went really well! Then he was confirmed yesterday in church. The members came in clutch for sure, the Arrua family had a projector and screen and music and everything. We could not have done it without them! German seems really happy. and his mom told us that she can see how much he has changed and that their relationship is really improving for sure! I was so happy to hear that!

Funny moment of the week. So we went to visit this less active/recent convert family in our branch this week. He is very outdoorsy and hunting and stuff. They live in the smallest house I have ever seen in my life and they have 15 dogs, 2 cats, and a goat! haha that is not all. So we show up and the wife says, my hands are dirty so I wont shake your hands (thank heavens!) we get back to their house and she was skinning a beaver!!! hahaha so funny. (mom you gotta step up, I will be expecting some beaver pelts when I get home) then we go in and they also had another baby beaver in a cage that he wants to train like a dog. It was a fun experience for sure!

So we have been trying to eat more healthy and spend less money at the same time so that has been good! We both bought some protein to make shakes and stuff which has helped a lot because we cut out cereal and pancakes (for a while). I have been eating more fruits and eggs hah

This week we had 17 people in church!! I never in my whole life thought I would be so happy to say such a low number, but as I was sitting up in front getting ready to bless the sacrament it was just pure happiness to see a good handful of people. I hope that number keeps rising!

So I'm sorry I don't have a ton to say this week, it was a good week but now we are gonna go hard to find some new people to teach!! I love you all, have a great week!!

♥Elder Sisk

Mom´s Questions
Question: *Will you guys be able to watch conference?  How will that work?
-Yes we get to watch 3 of the 5 sessions! (Sat AM, Sun AM, & Sun PM) that is more than they got the last time so I will take it! We are still trying to find a way to watch it in English! ;)
Question: Do you feel like there are parts of your area where there are people who have never been contacted by missionaries, or is it so small that pretty much everyone knows about the missionaries and the church?
-Yeah there are a lot of people who have never really seen/noticed the missionaries and stuff! That makes it nice, but there are a good amount who have seen the missionaries too.

Making cookies

Solid Breakfast

Before the Baptism

German (left) & Hno. Romero (right)

Draining the font

HUGE DOG! Super nice though.