10 Months!?!

Hola mi Familia!
I hope everyone is doing well! We had a little bit of a tough week but its all good! We have had to drop a few.... almost all of our investigators because none of them were really progressing and 2 of them do not have permission from their parents to get baptized so finding new people is kinda becoming the trend of my mission :P haha
So I finally got that package that you sent in August!!! after 4 months of waiting so I hope you have not already bought another triple.... but I liked it and I have been wearing the bracelet that Coley made for me. Thanks Coley!
This last Monday we went to this place called a mayoria, its like Costco and we bought a bunch of cereal and milk because it is a lot cheaper in bulk. It was kinda an adventure taking it on the public bus with us on the hour ride home but so worth it!
This week we found a less active member who actually has been working for NuSkin the last few months and actually having a lot of success! It was bad talking to her though because it distracted us for the next like hour talking about businesses and stuff that we are gonna do after the mission, but anyways she met one of the Roneys here in Rosario last week and stuff.
You have no idea how bad the cockroaches were... last Monday we literally killed 80 in one night. we used an entire can of Raid and just went hard in the paint! we don't know if that took care of it or if we still need to get someone to come but we will just play it by ear or by # of deaths if you will  ;)
I did an exchange this week with one of the district leaders and his companion. I was actually in the other area with Elder Martinez, he is from Guatemala and it was really fun and kinda weird because their area is really close to Las Heras so a lot of the streets cross into both areas but it was really fun! My area is kinda big and we are further north in Rosario. the intersection of Peligrini and Pedro Lino Funes is roughly the middle of our area if you want to look it up.
In this area we teach and English class on Wednesday nights in the church, it was really interesting to teach English... I'm not that good at it believe it or not! But we had a lot of fun with the kids and hopefully we will get better at it.
So you asked about my companion. He is from Bahia Blanca and is 21 years old. He was born in the church and is a pretty all around guy. Sports, church, work, family all the goods. We actually end up talking about work and business ideas a lot. He wants to move to the US and work at some point in his life. He speaks pretty decent English, (his mom and future wife are both English teachers).
Really cool this this week, We went to visit this family who has been inactive for a long time. He used to be the bishop and hasn't been to church in years. We went and just chatted with them for a bit and then planned to have a FHE with them. They ended up not being able to have FHE..... but they went to church!!!!!! :) way better and we were pumped to see them! That is true happiness right there!
You also asked about my new zone. So we are the ZLs and there are 4 districts in our zone. We have the biggest zone in our mission. It is kinda spread out because our zone is going to split soon and then it wont be quite so big.
I love you all and hope you have a great week! Work hard, be good, and smile :)
 ♥Elder Sisk
The cereal and milk
The bracelet that Coley made
My desk
Elder Eliosoff with a big dog named Brisa
Doing service

I saw Gustavo he is from Las Heras
The new summer proselyting outfit.... i wish...