Back in Rosario!

Hola Familia!
So as you would probably guess, it was a little bit of a big/crazy week! It seemed to be really long but it was really good too. I was able to say bye to some people in Nogoya on Tuesday and then it was off to the races! We woke up on Wednesday at 3:30 in the morning to catch our 5:00 bus. We arrived to the terminal in Rosario at 6:45 am and my comp was already there and we got to work organizing all of the bus times and finding out when everyone would get there and stuff. We ended up spending about 12 1/2 hours there. It was a really long day but it was really fun to see and meet a lot of other missionaries who were passing through. So Elder Lindeman is training that missionary from Canada! Crazy huh?
My comps name is Elder Eliosoff. He is from Bahia Blanca Argentina and is a total stud! He has been on the mission for a little over a year. He has a girlfriend/future wife serving a mission in Bolivia right now. We have already been working a ton so i am excited to see how much we can get done in our time together.
It is a lot of fun already being back in a biggish ward! We had about 70 people in church on Sunday and we have meals with the members pretty much everyday! Some days we even have 2 its crazy! (I hope i don't get fat...)
So I got the shoes and the package. I have to admit, I didn't wait until Christmas to read the letters or watch the videos but they were awesome and thanks for everyone for all of the support I have from my family!
Random thing: When Maria (Germans mom) found out Iwas getting transferred she called in to the local radio station and dedicated a song to me called ¨cuando un amigo se va¨ (When a friend leaves). She is awesome and I really hope to see that family again one day!
So we have a small cockroach problem in my new apartment.... on Thursday alone we killed 17. We are maybe going to have people come spray because the day I wake up with one on me or on my face will be the end of the world! haha
So on Saturday we had a Zone Meeting and being a ZL I had to teach a lesson about how we use the spirit in missionary work. I think it went really well for having short planning time and stuff. I shared a story that Bro. Nance shared with us in the last letter from the high council in the stake about Elder Echo Hawk of the 70. I really like our zone and the missionaries work hard!
Yesterday when we were in church this guy comes walking through the front door. I guess a lot of the members know him but he has some problems mentally and I think he is homeless. He had been hit by a car on Saturday night and was all bandaged up and wanted us to give him a blessing, so I was able to give him a blessing. Hopefully he is doing better because the homie couldn't even walk in a straight line. I´ll let you know if we see him again.
Well it was a great week, I really like being a ZL but its a lot busier and we have very little down/rest time. But I am excited to see what I can do in this area! Its called Azcuénaga, It isn't too close to Las Heras but its not too far either. I hope I will see some members from Las Heras at some point! Well have another great week! I love you guys!!
♥Elder Sisk
Elder Eliosoff
The girls at the store we always went to in Nogoya
German and Maria
with Elder Lindeman
Hermana Rane
Elder Whitaker (From Spanish fork)
Our bedroom
Our kitchen
Our study room