Another transfer down!!

Hola Familia!

Okay so there is kinda a very big piece of news this week. Yesterday we were sitting there doing our personal study in the morning and the phone rings and it says Presidente Giuliani. I answer and he says ¨Hi Elder Sisk how are you doing? I have a assignment for you and your companion, is Elder Lindeman with you?¨ At this point I am thinking wow we are both going to train. He continues ¨Elder Sisk, your assignment is to go back to Rosario and be a Zone Leader in the Rosario West zone.¨ (this is not a joke) I was shocked to say the least. Elder Lindeman will be staying in Nogoya and training a new missionary from the MTC. So I leave tomorrow in the morning to go back to Rosario as the youngest ZL in the mission with 9 months in the mission. Crazy huh? I have heard my comp is a stud so that is exciting. 

SO this week we did service twice for the same sister in the ward named Hermana Fortuna. She made us lunch after both times and she cooks really well! haha It was actually kinda nice to be in a tshirt and shorts out in the sun for once. 

It rained this week. But really it rained. We had to leave one morning and it was pouring and the streets were like rivers! We sprinted through a few river/streets and our shoes and pants were soaked! On that note, my pants are fixed now thanks to Hermana Arrua so that is great!

I got the package this week!! :) It was so awesome I loved it! Elder Lindeman and I both got packages so that was awesome. I loved the CDs, the candy, The deodorant was clutch because I was using spray for the last week or so. We made TACOS on Sunday with the seasoning you sent that was also great. And you will see the pictures but the little kids loved the Halloween toys! We actually saw some trick or treaters out but it didn't look like their bags were very full of candy haha.

We had zone mtg this week again in Parana and we had to wake up at 4 to go because the bus was sold out the night before. We got a little shut eye on the bus so that helped and I wasn't too tired. It was fun because our zone leader is going home this week so it was the last time we saw him. 

On Sunday night I was able to talk with Elder Welsh on the phone for a bit before he was out of here. His family is supposed to get here today and he was really excited for that. He is such an example to me, he was able to tell me exactly what I needed to hear to boost my excitement and everything. He is truly a good friend! 

Yesterday was cleaning/packing day. I pretty much have everything packed so I will just go visit some people today and try to get in bed early because we have to wake up at 3:30 am tomorrow to go to Rosario. Because Elder Lindeman has to be there by 9:00 and they don't exactly have a lot of bus times here in Nogoya haha 

Well it was a great week and I am super stoked to head back to Rosario! I am excited to tell you about the Zone Leader life and all the new things I have to do! Have another great week! Love you guys!!

Elder Sisk

PS. mom idk what DHL is but it sounds like it may be better. Sorry I'm no help.
Dad, Thanks so much for the thing about the talents. You're the best

The Jaime Family
My little friend Ara
Argentina is pretty!
Teeth!  The kids with the Halloween toys
Hermana Fortuna
Pres. Britos and his wife
The Arruas
The Godoy Family

We like pudding. :) Chocolate, Vanilla, Dulce de Leche