Another week in Rosario :)

Hola mi Familia!!
We had a kinda crazy week this week!! I have my new companion Elder Aguilar, he is from Lima Peru and honestly is the best teacher I have met on the mission. He really likes to study the scriptures so he knows them really well and can always pull them out in a lesson. That helps a lot. He is kinda new in our mission, he was waiting for his visa in the Lima North mission for 9 months, so I am trying to help him get used to the rules we have here in this mission. But once we get everything worked out and into place I think we will have a lot of success!
Last week for pday we decided to go to Burger King to eat! I have now eaten the 3 fast food places here in Rosario! Then randomly after we decided to go bowling and it was super fun!! We were able to play 2 games for 25 pesos which is like 3 dollars!! we are gonna go again today!
M. is doing really well still, she is still on track to be baptized on the 15th of February! She didn't make it to church on Sunday because it literally was raining super hard! We had very little people in the church because when that happens its really hard for them since most people don't have cars in my area. Rain really makes missionary work a pain in the butt here haha. But she is really excited to continue in the church and do all she can to follow the Lord. She has felt his help and she has also seen the trials that come when someone is about to take a big step in their life. She is a really special woman, I have come to love her a lot and I am always just super happy when we leave her house.
We found this other lady this week named G., we don't know if she is really interested but we had a good lesson with her. She is an ex Jehovas Witness. She accepted to read the Book of Mormon and she seemed to feel the spirit in our lesson, she told us we could go back on Saturday but she wasn't home, we are gonna keep going by because my comp loves to teach JWs haha.
This week I had an idea, I want to challenge ALL of you to read the Book of Mormon in the next 11 months before I get home! I have the goal to do it 2 times but I know it will be a huge blessing for all of our family if we all did it together! Starting...... NOW! hah
I feel like I kinda hit a road bump this week, I'm very unsure of what direction we need to go to be able to help our area grow and find new people to teach and everything. The attendance in our ward is dropping and it worries me. I know that I am here for a reason and I need to help cause real growth in my area. We are gonna try passing by a lot more less active families to help them come back to church. I'm doing well, loving the mission, trying not to be stressed as the senior zone leader, but we are still working hard! have a great week, I love you all!!
♥Elder Sisk