Pres is a Thief!! :)

Hola Familia!

This was a long week but it was good, I feel like so many things happened this week. Well as you all know, Elder Eliosoff is now the AP so that explains the title of this email. Pres steals all of my comps to be AP! haha He will be great though. My new comp is named Elder Aguilar and he is from Peru. I don't know him yet but I have heard good things.

So M is doing really well. We had a couple really good lessons with her this week but she was not able to make it to church because the old lady that she takes care of for work had some problems. But she realizes that the Lord wants her to go and there is also someone else who doesn't want her to go and that is why she has troubles. But she is reading and praying everyday and always talks about her BAPTISM!! :)

This week we had interviews with President! He is honestly an amazing man. I always leave them feeling good, he has yet to get mad at me so I'm a little nervous that he is storing it all up ;) haha but really he is great!

We have been searching for new people like crazy!! on Saturday we did 71 contacts which honestly is unheard of in one day. My record before that was 43 in a  day. But we found some great people and we are gonna go back by some of them this weekend and so I'm hoping that they will have some interest. We had one old lady start hitting on us and she told us that she went to our church when she was young because the Elders were good looking. ;) hahahah
This week the price of the dollar went way up!! I took money out of the bank on Wednesday and that was the day it peaked so I pulled it out at the perfect time!!! They said that it will probs keep going up so I may end up selling the dollars I still have in cash! But I did the math and I saved 45 dollars by not taking money out on Tuesday and doing it on Wednesday!
Sorry I know this is a really short letter but I'm slightly overwhelmed right now trying to take care of transfers for the whole zone.... ALONE!! haha but I'm doing well and I promise to write more next week!! Love you guys have a great week!!
♥Elder Sisk

At the Monument
President Giuliani
Our District
People from Brazil we met at a baptism!
Mara and Nico Chavez