Very Short Week....March 31, 2014

Hola Familia!
Like the title says, it was a very short week. We only had 2 days to work this week because we had a ton of other stuff to do. I had to renew my visa, we had a meeting with the mission pres and the stake pres, we had zone conference, we had to do a baptismal interview, we had to do an exchange with 2 other missionaries and on Saturday we had 2 services! haha but its all good!
Like I said, the meeting was really cool with Pres. Giuliani and Pres Zacharias. They are 2 very great men and we felt really honored to be able to talk about the stake/zone. They had some great ideas to help the zone grow, there is a ton of potential but they just need their leaders to magnify their callings.
So Thursday it was so funny! D. played a joke on us and we bit hard!!! He called us and said ¨hey am I allowed to get baptized alone? because R. and I split up!¨ I honestly felt sick, we were super sad for them because they are 2 people we have come to love. We went straight to his house and he was there with her and they just started laughing. it was funny but not funny! hahah
Im sorry i feel like I have nothing exciting that happened this week, I also did an exchange with Elder N. who I found out lived right next door to Murphy and Mckay at BYU so I was able to clear up a lot of the rumors that were started about us haha. We got along really well and we kinda stayed up until 3 am talking about everything haha it was really fun but I have been tired ever since hahaha :P
I’m super excited for Cameron!! (his friend’s mission call) he is gonna be great! He emailed me and was really excited! I’m so jealous about the color fest!! I wrote coley about it but that is something I am excited to do NEXT YEAR :)
Well that is just about it for this week.. kinda lame I'm sorry but we are doing really well and we are excited to get working this week! Thanks for all the support! Love you guys!
♥Elder Sisk

Zone Conference
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