March 18, 2013

Hola Familia!

This week was great! We feel like we are all helping get the work moving here in Hendersonville! We were able to talk to more people and get a few new investigators so hopefully they will lead to something!

So we had a couple of wild experiences this week of just random things that were all awesome! I have noticed that while we have been trying to be more obedient we are all more in tune with the spirit and able to be guided to do the little things that end up being awesome.

One day we were just knocking doors and we pulled up in this trailer park, and Elder Kamoe said "should I park here" and not thinking much about it i said "Yeah it probably doesnt matter, just stay in this spot." right as we got out of the car, a HUGE mexican guy called us over and we thought he was mad or something. He told us to come in and then we met his 17 year old son Josue (who was also HUGE) had been taught by the missionaries before but it had been over a year. So we found that he was super prepared to hear from us and we taught him the whole restoration. At the end of the lesson his dad said that if we hadn't parked right there then he wouldn't have seen us and it wouldn't have worked out. So that was pretty cool.

A few days later we were going to try to visit Josue again but then Elder Kamoe thought we should go visit this less-active micronesian named Brian. We got there and he was not home and Elder Dillon asked his little brother if he would be interested in learning from us, and he was and Elder Kamoe asked if we could teach him outside. As we taught him, their next door neighbor walked up ask asked who we were. We explained who we are and he was super interested to learn more from us. We went over to his house and taught him the restoration as well. If we had not been outside he wouldn't have seen us.

On Tuesday we were knocking doors and it was so crazy. One guy almost closed his door on Elder Kamoe's nose. We met a CRAZY Russian lady who probably had botox because she never stopped smiling but she could not have been less interested in anything we had to say to her. One guy who smelled like a smoke shop opened the door in literally ONLY a big tshirt and socks on, luckily we didnt see anything! Next we stopped at the spanish lady who we gave a blessing to after she had her baby, and in the middle of the closing prayer she just pulls her shirt down and starts breast feeding her new baby in front of all of us. (Apparently this is common for hispanics) That was just a crazy day!

So yesterday morning we woke up and we could not find our keys anywhere! So we missed branch council meeting and we were almost late to sacrament meeting but we looked for over an hour to find our keys. Finally we kneeled down and said a prayer and within 10 minutes Elder Kamoe found them in one of our binders.... cause that is exactly where they belong huh? Well we all had our testimony of prayer strengthened through that, so it was a good experience.

Last night we went to the Harnage's for dinner like we do every Sunday. We finally got them to agree on a date for their son to be baptized on April 6th. We were super excited about that. They asked Elder Dillon to do it.

Random things: It is super interesting what some people wear to church here, it is not uncommon at all for people to show up in everyday clothes. That even includes some of the active members. Its just very different! There is a boy in the branch named Ethan and he is in 8th grade, and apparently he can run a 10.9 in the 100m. He is black obviously!

So this next Sunday is Coley's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I will try to send you a little something but it will probably be late.. hope that is okay!

I am still loving my time here in North Carolina! I hope everyone is doing well at home and is enjoying life right now! I promise that everything happens for a reason and that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is watching out for us all the time! I love you all so much, have a great week!

Elder Sisk

Answers to Questions:

Yeah i heard about the new Pope from Argentina, it will be interesting when i get there, maybe harder? I'm not sure. 

Yeah we eat more at home to save money, I just make random things. Its been fine. Usually Mac n' Cheese, Ramen, Orange Rolls, or Cereal. But its great.