Week 2 in the NC

Dear Family,

This week flew by!! It's weird that it is already monday again but its really good! I like it here in NC, but the town of Hendersonville is really pretty bad. If the people weren't so amazing i would hate it here for sure. Super hick-town, especially when we are targeting the hispanics because they almost all live in the crappiest trailer parks in the whole city.

So the biggest news this week, is yes i got a new companion. His name is Elder Kamoe and he is great! He is truly one of the smartest people i know and we decided that he will be a general authority one day! We all get along really well except for when they go off talking about stupid Animae (Japanese Cartoons) but oh well i just ignore it and do my own thing cause it happens a lot.

This week we started teaching an 8 year old girl named Venorleen, she is one of the many Micronesians here in Hville. It is really frustrating because her family has the islander chill not want to do anything attitude so its usually hard to get her to want to learn and focus. She turns 9 in 1 month so we want to get her baptized but we will see if it actually happens. I love this family though, we have hung out with them a couple of nights this week and its so fun. I will send a picture we took with them. Random thought: the Micronesians here are so confusing. there is about 60 of them and they are ALL related!! All the parents are part of a 14 person family and most of the kids live here. There is Clay and Warney and Marney and Morney and Maco and Bekki and i cant even remember them all but its nuts.

This week we went finding in a few sketchy trailerparks. we only go in the middle of the day because they are way too scary to go late at night! We didn't have much success at the sketchy ones but we went to one called Hope Circle and we found a lot of people that want to learn more! We went back for a couple of 2nd lessons!

Coolest story of the week is Maria Moreno. We do this thing at the beginning of our first visits where we actually put a blessing on them and their home. after the blessing we asked her how she felt and she said "I feel like my son is going to come home" cause i guess he left and hadn't really talked to his family for a while. We all were stoked when we heard that (even though i didn't FULLY understand it ;)) So we went back and her and her daughter both agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. They also said that they would be willing to prepare themselves to be baptized in April! They weren't able to come to church yesterday, but hopefully next sunday. I cant wait to go visit them again soon! Like i said, the people are great here!

-The weather is decent, we have had snow a couple of times but it usually melts by lunch time. The kids got a snow day for the most pathetic snow ever! NOT FAIR!
-The humidity isn't awful yet, but its not kind on the acne! :P
-My companions are great, they both love video games and stuff but they also like sports a lot too. Elder Kamoe is a way good skateboarder! and Elder Dillon is absolutely in love with Disney and he knows like every fact about Disney.
-We try to work out, but its hard to get going at 6:30! I use my bands a lot but I want to go to the gym at our apartment more cause they have a tredmill. I have gained a couple pounds since i left, but its not too noticeable ;)
-My shoulder couldn't be better! I think its a blessing for sure, and maybe that shot was worth it...
-No news on the visa, I wont hear any news until I actually get it so you will know as soon as I find out!
-We have a car, because the Spanish work is super spread out over the city, walking or bikes would be really ineffective. The car is a blessing and a curse.
-No I dont need my suit, we only wear them 2 times a week so its totally fine that i don't have it. Yeah i brought a lot but I will be sending a package home probably pretty soon with some things that i dont use. I carried my pillow on the plane with me, so worth it!!!!!! it wont matter how bad my bed is!

I love the sports updates but i wouldn't mind more detail! I want to hear everything!!!!! High school, college, pro. pretty much just whatever big happens! especially March Madness :) I miss the random things in sports like that. for example, big games, someone has a big game, byu stuff anything like that!

Ah i'm so pumped for Dallin!!! I'm glad he finally got it that is going to be so great! except the slacker made it so i will get home 6 months before him :P

I'm glad Dan is lookin good with the haircut, now we just gotta get Dallin to cut his! :) work on that for me yeah? and did you hear if Dallin Sisk ever got my letter? I sent one while i was in the MTC but i never heard anything?

I love you all so much!! You are all in my prayers! Have a great week!

Mucho amor de Carolina Norte
Elder Sisk

Me with Winter Alati's family (Venorleen on the far left)

Me, Elder Dillon, and Elder Kamoe at a sketchy old house we found

My desk :)