Leaving the MTC

Because visas did not arrive in time, Alex and some members of his district were temporarily reassigned.  He will be serving in the Charlotte, North Carolina mission while he awaits his visa. This is just a quick email and some pics that Alex was able to send before he left the MTC.

This week I got Packages from: Jen Murphy, Becca Cannon, The Ward, Kim Buhler, Kathy Sisk, Ann Miles, The Dunkleys, Dawn Anderson, Sister Holman, The Monsons, the Finlaysons, and 2 from mom! it was a crazy week and i set a record by getting 6 in 1 day! hah  Please tell everyone thanks so much for me.  It was great to get so many treats and letters and stuff.
Sorry I dont have a lot of time, hopefully they will let me email when i get to NC! but i love you all so much!
A video for you to watch and possibly post on my facebook is Mountains to Climb. Its the newest mormon message and its great.
Yo se que La Iglisia es verdadero, y yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y el Redentor de el mundo! Les amo!
-Elder Sisk

Alex in the desk that he spent 3 hours a day in!

The whole MTC district with their teacher

Hanging out in the laundry room.

Hermano Kruegar

With Hermana Messina