Mucho amor from NC!

Hola Familia!!

This week FLEW by!!! It honestly feels like 2 days ago I was typing an email. But a lot happened too!!

First I want to say sorry, I forgot my camera again :( I am setting a goal to take more pictures this week so hopefully I will have a bunch to send next week. SORRY!!

So yesterday, we were asked to speak in Sacrament meeting. We were assigned the topic of Missionary Work, nice specific topic huh? haha I felt prompted to speak on being a worthy example of the church 24/7. I shared the story about the man that was that example to Valarie and that's why she chose our family to adopt Nicole. Kinda funny that it happend to be on her birthday but it was really cool. The 3 of us didn't tell each other what we were talking on, but they all seemed to build on each other well. Elder Kamoe threw down on the members not helping us enough so hopefully they will start helping! We ate with the Harnage Family again last night, they are awesome and everything is set for their son to be baptized on April 6th right before conference starts.

We went to visit the Guzman family and I was asked to say the closing prayer. In Mexican culture, it is very common for them to all say their own prayer while we pray. It is super distracting and really pretty funny. Especially when I am trying to pray in Spanish and they start talking its super hard, but we probably wont be going back there too much, cause Hermano Guzman is not progressing at all...

I have a new found love for mini cat naps!!! whenever we go anywhere in the car for a while, I almost always fall asleep, crazy huh?!? me sleeping in a car, but I'm getting better at it!

We get to listen to Disney music, and Elder Dillon had a CD from home with a ton of Disney music so we put that on my iPod and that is constantly playing!  All Disney music is allowed and we need a change of pace! hah

So there is a senior missionary couple in my area that used to be in the the Finlayson's ward. I guess he was their bishop for a while, I cant remember their names but they are super nice!!

We have been teaching this 13 year old micronesian named I.J. he is super receptive to the spirit and he is always really excited when we go over to teach him. He said in his prayer "thanks that I can have friends, and thanks that I can have these guys, my special friends too." It was so cute and he will hopefully be baptized April 13th. We had a couple of people at church yesterday so hopefully that will lead to more interest and progression from them too!

There is this little girl named Yarethi (Yaretsi is how it is pronounced) I might steal her and bring her home! I quickly became her favorite and she even said that Me and her mom are her 2 favorites! She told her sister that I was her boyfriend haha we helped their family move on friday for 5 hours.... what a long day. hah but she was following me around the whole time and she kept grabbing my hand and dragging me everywhere to show me things. She is so cute and we get to go see their new house on Saturday so I will send a picture. Her older sister Texa was supposed to be posting a picture of me and Yarethi on my facebook wall, so hopefully she remembers.

I was thinking that you guys could send me some pictures each week too! AND If you wanted to send that SD card back then you could put videos/pictures on it that I would be able to look at and watch ya know?

That is so cool about Brooke!! I wonder if I will be here still, who knows?! I kinda hope not ;) Tell her she will love it here, the people are amazing! I have not heard anything about the vacation visas but I like that idea!!!!!!! hah

Scriptures to read: Helaman 13:22&27. These are great scriptures to help us be grateful for what we have and also to listen to the teachings of the prophets!

I love you all so much, have a great week!!! La Iglesia es verdadero! I love being a missionary!

Love, Elder Sisk