What a crazy week!!

hola familia!!

Wow we had the absolute craziest week this week!! We worked hard to finish out the transfer, and we are hoping that I will be here for the next one too!! (no word yet)  
**He sent a follow up email saying that he was not transferred and will be in Las Heras for at least 6 more weeks, which he is very happy about.

So we found this Chinese food place really close to our pench so i thought we would check it out. turns out it was maybe my favorite meal I have had on my mission so that was pretty awesome! It is called Mei-Mei

We have been teaching this lady named Angela this week, she is great and always tells us that she feels the spirit while we are with her, so we have high hopes for her, but she was not in church.... We´ll keep trying! hah

We had Zone Conference this week and I was able to see Welsh again so that was cool! Members were invited to help us do practices and stuff so it was really fun!

Okay, this Sunday I had the feeling that Heavenly Father was watching out for me after everything that happened and having a tough week. And now i know it was because of Coley, thanks so much coley, I am so grateful for your decision to fast for me. I know for a fact that it made a difference! In the 3rd hour of church, I sat in on a lesson being taught by Pamela and another YSA. The class was about the temple (she has not been to the temple yet) and she did amazing!!!!! It was truly something special to be able to watch one of my converts so strong! She is also thinking about serving a mini-mission which is something they do here. They literally go on a mission for 2-6 weeks. it is a really cool chance they have here!

This week a member in the ward is turning 8 years old. He asked me to baptize him. I was absolutely honored, but I am trying to get him to have his brother do it because I think it would be super cool!!

We finally got to talk with Silvia this week!!! So we will keep trying but there is no news.... YET!

I am getting FAT!!!!! not really but this week I have been trying to watch what I eat, I have gained a little weight but I am working on it!

On Sunday night we had the chance to go teach a little lesson to the MAS, they are the singles who are older than 45 years old. It was so fun! we talked about a talk given by Pres Uch... i dont know how to spell his name.

Random thing that was super funny. On Sunday during lunch with some members i got a cramp in my leg and about screamed! It was funny and the whole family was laughing really hard!

That is it for this week!! I hope you all had a great week and have another great week!! I love you all so much, and I hope that you can feel my prayers! I can feel yours! Thanks so much for all that you do for me!! I love you!!

♥Elder Sisk

**Some of the pictures are of the Zone Conference he mentioned in his letter.  About the others he said “Pictures from this week!! We had a cleaning day yesterday, I cleaned a lot! and we might have used the wrong cleaner on the floor....... we are still trying to figure out how to fix it!”