Another week in Argentina :)

Hola familia!!

Wow what a week! It was really tough but I think this was our week to start turning things around and we are going to start finding more success and having more people to teach! I´ll start with your questions:

*How often do you have Zone Conference?  Do you also have District Meetings?  How often does all of that happen
-Zone conference is every other transfer. Yes district meeting once a week. and zone meeting once a month. Zone conference is with the pres and stuff. zone meeting is just the missionaries.

*Have you had much interaction with President Guiliani? 
 Not a ton, but a little bit. They are great! I really like them a lot and they are super nice!

*Have you heard anything about your package?  I sent it on June 20th, so I’m hoping you will get it soon.
 Yes Welsh called me last week and told me that the package came!! Super fast again, really lucky, I think I will get it tomorrow at zone meeting.

*Have you gotten any of your friends letters that I sent on Dear Elder?  I’ll send another batch tonight.
 Not yet, hopefully tomorrow as well! :)

*On transfer day (the Monday) what do you have to do?  Do you meet together to find out about transfers or what?
The last 2 have been mission cleaning days. but usually it is just a normal day of work. depends on what they tell us. Then Tuesday is p day and Wednesday is when everyone travels to their new areas.

What is are a couple “normal” meals? 
Meat, Pasta, rice, a lot of bread, soup, chicken, potatoes.

What’s a normal p day like? 
Depends on what we plan with the other missionaries. usually playing sports maybe going downtown to hang out and getting lunch. always different which is good!

How often do you see other missionary’s in your district?
Depends on who, Our district is very spread out. The hermanas in our district are 1 hour by bus. but we live really close to 2 elders in our zone but not our district. they have been showering at our place everyday because they don't have hot water.

So last Pday we had an asado at the church with the other missionaries and this guy named Ariel from the other ward. It was really cool to talk with him. He is 35 and speaks 5 languages. 

I recently realized how important timing is in the eyes of God. I realized that if I hadn't left in January or gotten sent to NC I would not know Pamela right now or any of the others that I know. Its so amazing, to know how much the little things matter to Heavenly Father.

So, smoking is a real problem here, let me tell you. I think i will come back not knowing the difference between regular smoking and marijuana because they are both very common. but oh well, we are helping them get over that one convert at a time right?? :)

The members here are so great! For example, on Thursday we had 2 meals! We had dinner with the Gimenez Family and yes it is true the Carla decided to serve a mission!!!! She called me last night to tell me it is official! I am so excited for her!! 

So, Happy 4th of July! It was slightly more boring here than it was there I am sure.... hahah but its all good! 

This week we went digging deep in the old files to find old investigators that we could visit to teach. It was hopefully successful, I will keep you updated on any that turn out well! we have like 30 names to visit.

I am so glad you got the picture and message from Walter, I was sitting there with him, but he didn't want me to translate he wanted to send it in Spanish haha they are such a great family! I love going to their house! 

So priesthood here is so much louder than at home! At home no one talks, here the problem is we only get like 10 minutes for a lesson because any topic brings up a million comments! Pick your poison right? Hah

So I learned how to play the card game hearts and we have played a few times. We play on pday or on Sunday nights when we have to call the leaders and give them our numbers for the week! (random)

Mom way to go dominating the golf this week! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous that I was not there. I miss golf a lot!! but soon enough right?? :) and of course you can play golf in a boot! I don't know about walking around SanFran... but keep me updated on your foot?

That I all I have for this week! I love you guys and hope you have another great week! Until next time :)

♥Elder Sisk

Asado at the church - BBQ

Lots of meat!

Alex's mission planner - he's still a fan :)

Dinner with Gimenez Family

With the Gimenez Family