Hola Familia!

Hola Familia!

This week went really well. We have been teaching a little more which is just way better than contacting!

We found a guy this week named John. He is from Columbia and is a total stud!! The problem is he is living with his girlfriend and I don't know if they have plans to get married. But he went to church and loved it so I have a lot of really high hopes for him!! I love his accent too!

We are now in a new district. They reopened an area in our zone and they changed the districts to make them more even. Now we don't have to travel to go to district meeting on Tuesdays which is perfect!

One of the missionaries in the new area is from Peru and was actually in the same district as Mckay in the MTC there! I am going to send him a pic.

we went running a couple mornings this week!!! That was great I love getting as much exercise as I can but it is really hard to be motivated when its really cold in the mornings.

I have been eating tomatoes a lot more now and I am to the point that I don't even notice them anymore haha crazy huh??

This week I felt like my Spanish has gotten a ton better. I had a few times where it just felt like I was talking not like it was hard or different to be talking in Spanish. Yeah i am still a long way off of being pro or anything but it is coming a long really well!!
I'm sorry that I don't have much this week to say. It was a good week, but we didn't have any huge things happen! I will do better this week of writing down more things to tell you guys. But I am doing well, healthy, and loving it! Time is seriously flying and I love being a missionary!! :)

I love you all, have another great week, and don't forget to search for the little blessings each day!

♥Elder Sisk