Can you believe it will be 6 months tomorrow?!?

Hola Familia!!

First can I just say how fast time is on the mission?? I can not believe that it is 25% over! I feel like I am just getting started and have so much more work to do! But its because I do! hah

It was a good week! We are still running a little low on investigators but we are working our butts off to find more! That is our number one priority right now! Alright, on to my random list of things that happened this week!

I sent my ipod up to welsh in the mission offices and he put on a bunch of new music for me! It was rough not having my ipod for like 2 weeks but worth it to have new music that they have on their computer!

I did get the package and I don't think it was opened! I loved it! Everything was perfect, except mom you mentioned the Ensign in your letter but it was not in the package? maybe you forgot, no big deal! But the package was great!! I also found out that DearElder is really slow. I don't know if it is only this mission or what but I have not gotten them yet, and Clavero told me that DearElder is always slow.

We found an old investigator this week named Romina. We have a lot of hope for her and her family! I don't know if they are totally prepared but they are at least listening so that is a start right? We have been working really hard to find an entire family that we can teach because our ward has a lot of potential to retain a family because the members here are very strong!

We had zone meeting this week (pics coming) it was really fun, but right after I had my first solid Argentina rain storm! after not very long some of the streets were flooded. After that it was suuuuuper humid for a few days! It annoying to walk around when the ground is always wet, and your pants and shoes get dirty hah (also a pic coming). Updates from zone meeting are, 1. The number of contacts that we are asked to do is now lower. was 140 now its 80. They want us working with the members more and spending less time contacting in the streets. 2. We are no longer allowed to perform the baptism or confirmation of people. It all needs to be done by a member. I really like this rule, because I helps us to invite more members to visits and stuff so they have friends.

Funny contacting story of this week. We rang the doorbell and when the lady came to the door she yelled ¨what do you want???¨and slammed (really slammed) the door before we could even say a word. We both died laughing. 

Random thought I had : are grandma and grandpa gonna move before I get home from my mission? and Amy and John too?

We met a crazy lady this week!! She was all over the place and we saw this little house behind her house and we asked her who lives there and she told us that that is ¨where we keep the smokes, drugs, and narcotics¨..... wow haha we were shocked and never going back! 

There is a guy named PF who was baptized last year. He was the first lesson I taught in Argentina. He has been progressing a lot and is on track to receive the priesthood soon! :)

Yesterday, we had lunch with the Abonizio family. It was so great! We talked with them this week about helping us with the missionary work and they stepped up to the plate! They invited a couple to have lunch with us and everything! We are going to meet with them next Sunday at their house again!

I have done really well and making my contacts last! I am at 6 months and I just started my 3rd pair today. The ones I have should easily last!!

I got the Ruckus Newsletter this week! I loved it! I love seeing how they are all doing!

Pamela gave a talk yesterday in church and it was like perfect!!! You would have thought that she is a member of years and years. Just looks like a total natural! Then today she and Carla hung out with us in downtown and stuff!!

So yesterday right next to our house, they had and Anime convention... holy nerd central!! And to top it off, they had music blasting and it was practically shaking our house! You can imagine studies were slightly hard to get done! haha

Mom, SanFran sounds super fun!! I am jealous! Dad and Coley, I am glad that you guys had some fun while mom ditched you guys! ;) 

That is it for this week!! I love you all and don't blink or I will be home! Time is flying and I hope it is flying for you all as well!! Love you guys and have another good week!! :)

♥Elder Sisk

Zone Meeting

Dirty Pants from all the rain

New way to tie a tie

Alex always loved Subway!

Downtown on Pday