8 months!!

Hola Familila!!

We had a little bit of a hard week, the weather was crazy but we are gonna work our butts off this week to finish the transfer off well! I cant believe I have been in Nogosha for almost 6 weeks now!! 
By the way, here the name Nogoya is said Nogosha. just an fyi. :)

So this week the weather was crazy!! Right now I am wearing my coat and its raining but on Wednesday, it was so hot I thought I was gonna die! I literally almost bought a big fan. Good thing I didn't.... yet! A member told me yesterday that in December and January it gets up over 110 degrees here.... oh boy!

So we also had a little bit of a problem with our water heater this week, we had to take a few cold showers, but thats okay... it puts hair on the chest! ;) 

We had 2 trips to Parana this week which is roughly 2 hours each way by bus.  The first one we lucked out and they had a movie playing on the bus but the other ones were super boring! haha but they were good trips, we had Zone meeting on Tuesday and then on Saturday we went to Santa Fe for a 6 zone, zone conference and Elder Di Giovanni came and spoke to us, he is a seventy!  It was also really fun to see some of the other missionaries that I had not seen in a long time! 

So last night I wrote in my journal for the 11th consecutive day! That is the longest streak of my mission! I am trying to get better at doing it, but I'm just not that great at the whole journal thing hah. Now it is half because I want to write in it and half because I don't want to ruin my streak! 

So G is still doing really well! He has his date for this Sunday but we are thinking we might move it to next Saturday to have more time to plan it and all. We are going to his house at 6 and we are gonna decide with him so I will let you know. He was at church and all and that was another interesting experience. We had a record low people in church with a solid 6!!! including G haha but we have been thinking a lot about what needs to happen here in Nogoya to help the branch grow.

So this week at Zone meeting they gave me some of the dear elders you sent and for some reason I just got the ones from June 16 hahaha idk why but they took forever!! Its okay though because I have gotten like 2 or 3 others in that time!

So I have been searching for a certain scripture almost my whole mission and this week I found it!! Alma 26:12-13 is so great!! I love that because we need to have confidence in Heavenly Father and know that we are nothing without his help! 

I am still really liking Nogoya and loving my time as a missionary! I cant believe it is 1/3 of the way done, but like you said mom, I am trying to make my days count and not count the days! I love you all, have another great week!!

Elder Sisk

Hola Familia!!! Okay I will start with your questions!!!
Q- What is the town like?
A- It is really small feeling, even more than Springville, everyone knows everyone which is a blessing and a curse at times!
Q- What are the main industries?
A- Nothing, they have random stores and stuff, but they don’t have big stuff here in Nogosha! (that is how it is said here by the way)
Q-Are there many cars?
A-Yeah there are a good amount of cars, there are actually come pretty decent sized houses here compared to my last area.
Q-How many stores are in your area, it looks kind of small
A-Grocery stores we have like 4, but there is a whole street that is like shopping.
Q-How much is property there?
A-I honestly have no idea... hah
Q-Are there any other sports other than soccer?
A-yeah there are a lot of boxers here in Nogoya. a lot of our members/less actives used to box.
Q-What do the members do for their occupation?
A-random stuff. Air conditioning, baker, little stores in front of their houses. random stuff.
Q-What’s the closest biggest city?
A-We are about 2 hours from Rosario and 2 hours from Parana. 1st and 3rd biggest cities in the mission.
Q-Will you be able to Skype on Christmas?
Q-What do you think will happen with transfers next time?
A-I think my comp may get transferred, but I’m not positive. I think I may train, again not positive.
Q-Where will you do your baptisms there? Do you have a font?
A-They have like a foldable font, we have to figure that out this week.

The store where we shop
Our District
Me and my friend Ariel!
the Ruckus Crew!!
I love me those Nike Socks!
Chillin on the bus
4/5 sleeping on the bus