Hola Fam!

Hola Mi Familia!!

We had another great week this week!! I am really starting to like Nogoya a lot and we are working hard! I can not believe all of the crazy news I have been hearing from home, especially the engagements!!! But it is a darn good thing that I don't have to even worry about that for another year and a half! hah

Mom´s questions:
-Nogoya, is decently sized, luckily we live right in the middle so it is pretty nice to be able to get anywhere in our area in less than 30 minutes. When I was in Las Heras we had to walk 8 blocks just to get to our area.
-We have been eating a lot of cereal and milk! (pic) But we have been trying to make more stuff with rice or noodles with chicken or something. We are thinking we might be too good of cooks because we are both gaining a little weight, or we just don't have any self control when we buy oreos ;) 

So this week we had to travel again! it is becoming a pretty normal thing here in this new zone. We had a leadership meeting in Parana and I'm not technically training but since Elder Lindeman has less than 2 transfers here we were invited to go. It was fun to see Elder Welsh there and I got to meet a few other missionaries as well. But the night before we spent the night in the Zone Leader´s apartment and had probably the worst nights sleep of the mission! But its okay! :)

So this week I have fallen in love with the book Jesus the Christ! I have been reading it a ton and it seems like everyday I learn or have my mind opened to something new! I have been blazing through it pretty fast, its a pretty solid sized book! But for example did you know that Mary and Joseph were cousins?? me either!! hah I have also been reading the BOM in Spanish a lot, I am trying to finish it by Pamela´s Birthday (Dec. 13) because I set that goal with her. I also finished D&C this week for the first time, so I think I may be finding my love of reading. But church books are way better than the other crap! :P

The German update, we starting teaching his mom this week as well and they both have the same date set for baptism. They both came to church but they left after the first hour, the problem was they were really tired i think. But it was a little rough because we only had 7 member in church yesterday..... But we are hoping that they will continue to progress and all. We have a lesson with them at 6 today!

My comp and I read an amazing talk this week by Pres. Packer in the 2007 conference! It is called Weak and Simple in the Church! I thought it was amazing and this will help us to never feel overwhelmed in our callings! (mom :))

This week has given us a little sample of what summer will be like..... it is safe to say we are not excited!! It has been pretty warm the last few days and that is nothing compared to how it will be in dec/jan!! but I watched 17 miracles last night and decided I am not allowed to complain! hah

Random funny/cute story from this week. There is this family in the branch named the Godoys. They have this little daughter named Milena (6 years old?) and when we left on Saturday she ran up and gave me a hug and said ¨Te quiero mucho elder!¨ (I love you Elder) It was so cute, she might be my new little friend from this area :)

We had a great week and we are still working hard!! Love you all! Have another great week!!

♥Elder Sisk

Elder Welsh and Alex
Tired... :)
Beautiful sunset
We are trying to eat more oats, less cereal
They sell liquid yogurt here, pretty good :)

Coin collection
Milk was on sale :)
The Catholic church in our city