Another week in Nogosha!

Hola Familia!!

This week was great and we finished the week very well! The big news of the transfers, Elder Lindeman and I are both staying here and we are excited for that! Elder Valladares our DL who I got really close with and actually got to go on an exchange this week with, got moved to be a ZL. But its all good!!

So We changed German´s baptism to this Saturday! We have been getting everything ready and cleaning the font and all! We are super excited for him and he is still sharing the church with his friends which is great! We have a lunch this week with him, and 3 friends!!! He passed his interview and I don't see any reason the baptism wont be on Saturday! :)

Funny story of the week, we were waiting outside of German´s house for a member to come and this crazy guy walked up to us and asked for a kiss. He leaned into Elder Lindeman and I had to push him away. I thought my comp was gonna punch him in the face or something! hahah then we saw him yesterday again. 

So we have still had some weird weather this week, a lot of rain it seemed like but it was good, it is starting to warm up for sure! 

So I had a dream this week that you guys were here and you met people, and Mom, you got really frustrated because you could not understand them. I guess that means you need to practice up on your Spanish right?? ;) 

We set a new record this week with a solid 4 people in church counting German. When it rains here you can just forget about it, no one goes to church. But we are still working hard with the less actives to get them to come! By the way mom, this isn't a new zone, just new for me! haha and I am in the Paraná zone. Ask that guy where he served, i would be really interested to know! 

That is so cool about that man in Canada reading my blog! I love how missions just turn into a huge family! I will keep an eye out for their son for sure! 

Sorry I feel like I don't have a ton to write this week! I am glad Coley got her letter! I´ll try to be better about writing letters ;) Dad I am glad you kept a good mindset with your crazy week, that is such a good quote! I remind myself that sometimes! Love you all, have another great week!!

♥Elder Sisk

Elder Valladares and I making french fries from potatoes!

Cleaning the font

Cleaning the floor

On top of the church
It's kinda dusty here haha. I polished 2 of the 4 :) They are holding up well though

Our buddy Nahir

My ¨compañera¨ Milena
cleaning our ¨backyard¨