Another week down!

Hola mi familia!

So I will say sorry a head time. The keyboard I have today is just awful so just bear with me here.

This week was great. literally flew by! I feel like it was just a few days ago that I was writing you guys! Dad I am so glad you got the letter, sorry it took a while. I will be waiting to get yours!

So G. and M. are both still progressing towards baptism! As long as M. quits smoking in time! But they were both in church for the full time this week and I think they both liked it a lot! We have still been visiting them almost everyday! One day this week they introduced us to their friend V. and she had a lesson with us and she ended up saying the closing prayer! We not been able to get in touch with her quite yet but we will keep trying! 

So a member told  us that the US is going to war or something? care to explain?

One day this week we were walking and this guy rides up to us on his motorcycle and says hola elders! and come to find out he is a member named F.! We went to visit him and he said he was going to be in church but he didn’t show, but we will keep visiting him!

There is a family in our ward who was sealed in the temple but they have not been to church in 9 years and their 2 daughters were never baptized! We have been trying to work with them and we finally had an ice breaking lesson and got her to open up with us! We left her a Book of Mormon and she promised to read it. When we got home that night we had a text from her and she said ¨thanks elders, I had forgotten the feelings that come from reading this book. I feel much better!¨ so we are really excited for Hermana S.! Hopefully this is the beginning of her coming back!

So on Saturday we had some rain! haha that was the first real rainstorm I have had to try to work in. We got soaked but it was pretty fun! I took some pictures!

Last night we went out to visit some people who didn’t go to church and we went 0 for 10!! How is that possible, no one was home and we ended up walking around for 3 hours haha but that's okay.....builds character? hah

This morning I started a study journal in that journal I got for Christmas! I am super excited to keep working on it for the rest of my mission! I have been learning a lot and I need to get better at writing things down! 

Sorry it seems like there isn't much of an update this week, It honestly was gone before I could even think! This week we have some more traveling to do. :P

-Dad, no news on social media except for ¨We cannot use Facebook on this mission!¨ haha
-dad, the food is really the same, other than what we have been making. (rice, noodles, sandwiches)
-Elder Lindeman is great! We get along well and we both like sports so that is good! He likes to eat healthy so I think he has helped me do that a little better. He also likes to workout a lot, so that also has helped me.
-I have not really heard anything about visas except one more of the sisters from my MTC district got hers. There is still 1 waiting.
-No there were missionaries here before, but I am just in a new zone that is more spread out from the other missionaries.

Love you all have another great week!!

♥Elder Sisk
Alex's desk
Even dogs sleep the siesta!!
Cool painting
After working in the rain
Got a bit wet in the rain :)

Almost a smiley face in the sky with the moon and star