Hot and HUMID here in Rosario!

Hola Familia!!

So we had a pretty good week, it was kinda a roller coaster but it was decent. We wont be having any baptisms this week, I´ll explain.

On Monday night we were knocking doors and we found an awesome family!! C. and her 2 kids, T. and L. They were all very focused on what we had to say and wanted to learn more. They used to go to the Evangelical church but they haven't been going for about 6 months. I have a lot of faith that they will progress in the gospel. The only problem is we went back and they were really busy in the weekend but we are gonna go this week!

I got pretty sunburnt last pday! We went to play soccer and basketball at the stake center and being the smart/super tan guy I am I didn't put on a drop of sunscreen on. But I bathed in Aloe for a few days and now I'm doing good. It pretty much took care of my watch tan line though :)

So we did another exchange this week and I was in CarcaraƱa. Its a pueblo about an hour from Rosario. But on the way there we were waiting in the bus station and I met a group of people from Austrailia again! and I met a guy who lives in Eureka, Utah!?!?! how crazy!! His wife is from here and they came to visit. Like 3 times in a row that we went to the terminal I spoke English to someone!

So obviously this week I hit 1 year in the mission! Its crazy how fast time is going, to be honest a lot of the time it goes too fast. But I"m trying to make the most of every week. We have transfers next week and I will most likely be getting a new comp so it will be kinda wierd having him ask me questions about the ZL stuff when usually I ask my comp! But it will be good!

So M. and R. The day I was in Carcarana my comp went to teach them and they were sounding like they didn't want us to come over any more. M. had talked with her friend who told her a bunch of lies about our church and stuff. but M. talked to the Relief Society pres this week on the phone and told her that she still wants us to go by and stuff so that made me really happy. It sounds like R. doesn't want to anymore though.....  I´ll have more updates next week for sure!!

We went to visit V. and her family on Saturday to finish teaching everything before her baptism interview and as we were talking she told us she really wants her dad to baptize her. The problem is he has a little problem with drinking. So we decided to postpone the baptism and we are going to keep working with them a lot to help her dad be able to baptize her as quick as possible! It was a really good lesson with him and the spirit was really strong!

2 funny things from this week!
1. We were sitting in our study room one day and it was really really hot... I wanted to know how hot it was but we don't have anything... or so we thought! I grabbed my first aid kit and put that thermometer that goes under your tongue out the window and it was 103!! then the next day 105! then the next day 108!!! its crazy hot!!
2. After 3 months my comp finally followed my wise council and shaved his legs. Life is so much better with shaved legs. But he liked it so much that one day he decided to shave his arms!! haha we have a couple funny pics!! :)

Love you all!! have another great week and I will talk to you next Tuesday because we have transfers!

♥Elder Sisk
My one year birthday cake :)
It's hot!!

Shaved arms!
I caught this guy on our wall the other night! literally like 1 inch long!