Another great week!

Hola Familia!!

(wow i literally almost started writing in Spanish after putting Hola familia!! weird.. hah) We had another great week this week! We are working hard and starting to see the fruits that come from hard work!

This week we had Consejo de la Mision with all of the other Zone Leaders! It was awesome! all of the talks and stuff were great and I felt like i learned a ton! I really enjoy being a Zone Leader....

So I also was praying to know when I should go home and I was feeling pretty good about going home in Dec. I went to Consejo and i started talking with the secretary of the mission who handles all of that stuff. He has 1 transfer less than me in the mission and he told me that he is going home in Feb. I said I thought I was going home in Feb! and he said no, you are going home in DEC! so it was already set like that. So I will be getting home the 31st of Dec 2014. So weird because now I have less than a year left. Honestly its going by way too fast, I gotta put it up a gear so I don't leave anything left on the court!

This week we watched a video with a less active couple. The video was awesome, my comp showed it to me. It is called Butterfly Circus it is sooo good!! I truly believe that Heavenly Father sees us with so much more potential than we give ourselves a lot of the time!

So we finally finished getting that apartment ready for the sisters in our zone. Its nice to have it finished. (untill something new comes up :)) the joys of ZL. haha

We have been really getting more motivated to do our exercises in the mornings. We have been waking up early to have more time. I actually feel like it is paying off, i bought some protein and I'm feeling pretty good!

So we have still been teaching V., R., M., and A.. Only R and M made it to church this week but we have a lot of hope in them. M especially is progressing a lot. We are trying to make sure R understands because she is 77 and its a little harder for her. But they are all doing great!!

Yesterday in church we had testimony meeting. A recent convert (that gave us asado on my birthday) got up and bore his testimony that yesterday was his 1 year mark as a member of the church. I realized..... yesterday was my 12 year mark as a member of the church! Its crazy how fast time has gone and how much I have learned in these 12 years. Funny story: I got up to bare my testimony as well right after him, literally as I get to the mic, I look out in the crowd and i see this little girl throw a paper airplane and it drills the Elders quorum pres right between the eyes!! I literally starting laughing really hard right up there in front of everyone and only like 10 people actually saw what happened. :) hahah

I am still loving my mission and learning every single day! I know that the Savior lives and His spirit is with us every day! I love you guys!! Keep searching for all of the miracles that we witness everyday! :)

♥Elder Sisk