Doing well here in Rosario :)

Hola Familia

This week was another great week, we have been working hard to get a few of our people ready for their baptism interviews and stuff and we will probably be super busy again this week!

Mom I'm glad that your scripture study has been improving :) That is a challenge I want to give to ALL of you. Its unreal how important it is to have a daily habit of scripture study! I have felt a big difference in the days I focus on the scriptures in my studies and the days I read other stuff, I try to always have at least half the time in the BOM.

Last Pday was awesome! I got to see P. and C. and we went to the monument in the central. It was really fun to spend some time with a bunch of missionaries and stuff!

So M., R., M., and A. are still doing well! M. and R. are on track to be baptized the 23 so we are really excited for that!! We are going to keep working with M. and A. because they have not come to church quite yet. 
Cool story, R. received her answer this week. She had a dream that we were at her house and as we were leaving she opened the door and her Husband walked in (he died 2 years ago) and he shook our hands then she woke up. She told us that he never shook the hand of someone he doesn't like and she said she knows her husband is happy that we are visiting her. Super cool :)

I had a really cool exchange with a missionary this week in a pueblo called Funes. We were able to teach 2 lessons and I received 2 really nice compliments. After both lessons they told me that they would really like for me to come back to their houses someday because they really felt the spirit. I really felt so happy to have been able to help them. One of them went to church this week for the first time in a long time! :)

So this week I read a talk called The Fourth Missionary every single day. It is so good and I'm trying really hard to apply it to my life and mission. I would for sure recommend it to everyone, there are so many great things to be learned. I have tried to study it along side my Pat. blessing and its really cool. I have been trying to always just CHOOSE to be happy and excited no matter the situation! its been great!

Well I hope you guys are all great!! have a wonderful week! Love you all!!

Elder Sisk