Another week flies by! (March 3)

Hola Familia!
This was a good week, it was a little bit crazy with a few things to do for the zone but we had a good week and we are working hard!
Yes I did get the package this week, like D showed you guys! It was great, I love all of the candy and I know my comp does too haha. Also, I have been using the insoles in my shoes and they are really comfy, thanks for those. I also really like the other mini pads for my shoes as well!
So this week we had Dinner with M. on tuesday!! it was sooooooooooo good! Food from Peru is really good :) She also went to a FHE on Monday with us and we were able to explain to her what is FHE and everything. She is already participating in the activities that they do for the old singles hahah
We also did a FHE with F. and her husband and a few others this week. It was super good especially for F. and her husband because she is trying to get him to come back to church. We talked about the prayer an how important is it in our lives. They have started doing prayer together every night before bed and F. bore her testimony on Sunday about it. They are great!!!
So Friday was my comp´s birthday! He and I get along really well, and we are working hard. It was kinda a weird day but I think it still went well and we did service with Hna. N. in the morning. But we have been making a lot of plans as comps (finding people and getting rich after the mission) hahah
D. and R., they are great. I did not get permission to baptize them and Dario told me then he wants to wait till I come back to visit so that I can do it.. haha but we are trying to involve them in the activities and stuff!
This week I have been trying really hard to work on my diligence. As i am getting tired and stuff it gets really hard to be diligent all of the time and use all of our time wisely. But I have been trying really hard to stay motivated throughout the whole day even when I am tired haha
We found a ton of awesome people this week doing the new plan of 500 baptisms. We talked with a guy named F. who is from Australia but has lived her for a while now. He told us he has gone to a lot of churches and would like to know more about ours. The best part is, he has a good amount of money and he is still interested!!! haha but we are gonna go back this week.

We also found a girl named J., she is the daughter of a lady I taught with Elder Eliosoff. She lost her boyfriend/husband about a year ago and has been kinda upset with God. We had a super good lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation and I am confident she will get baptized :)
This week we were walking down the street and we saw a place where they wash clothes (it has been about a year that I have not had clothes washed in a dryer!!) and so we took our white shirts there and I took some socks (pic) and it was awesome, I felt like I had never had clothes so clean and they smelled so good :)
Last night we had a fireside for all three stakes in Rosario for the recent converts. It was so awesome and guess who got volunteered to conduct the meeting??? THIS GUY! haha but it went well and I only had to invent one word in Spanish that I didn't know hehe. But the best part is, J. was there!!! And then the closing prayer didn't show up so I asked J. to do it and he gave a beast prayer! I was super happy to see him and also Sister B. who is from Las Heras as well.
Well We are doing well and working hard!! Thanks for everything! Love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Sisk

Clean smelling socks :)

You can see Elder Sisk, way in the back :)