The beginning of another transfer! (March 11)

Hola Familia!

What a great week we had this week, it was a little crazy because we had a lot to do and we were not able to work that much. But we are seeing the blessing and we are excited to work hard this next transfer.

YES I got the package this week! It was awesome, I love the BYU shirt as well! The Dr. Pepper didn't last long, I LOVED it! :) The step counter was really cool too, I literally told my companion like a week before that it would be cool to have one of those to know how far we walk (Picture to come). The debit card as well, it made it fully intact and everything. I had to take out a bunch of money because I had to borrow money and buy my scripture cases but I will try not to go crazy :) (The stuff about the packages, yeah its probably best to not send food anymore, especially if there is something valuable in the package. but no worries I am doing really well and time is flying!)

This week we had mission council and it was great! I always leave feeling really excited and everything. We talked a lot about this new plan we have to get 500 baptisms. We are gonna work really hard and try to help our ward attendance go up because right now they are kinda a roller coaster! haha

This Saturday we had a funny experience, we ran out of our gas tank which means no hot water.. :P On Saturday morning we went to the church and tried to bathe ourselves in the bathroom sink with the hot water. It was really funny and it actually worked well haha

So yesterday we had cleaning day and we finished really quick and D and R came over to make this dessert thing and play Uno with us! They are super great and I have been talking to D about my business idea as well. Its sounding like its for sure going to happen!

So I faced one of my fears this week on Sunday. Before I say anything, Mom do not worry i am okay! But I had an ingrown toenail and one of the sister in the ward is a foot doctor and she took care of it on Sunday after church. It was rough I will be honest but it feels a ton better already!!

Well I love you all! Have a great week and always remember to watch for the Lord´s hand in everyday! 

Elder Sisk

Dr Pepper!!! :)

27,000 steps!!!!!! haha
Making Pasta Flora
Our zone (not me though, i had to snap the pics)
Bottle bowling we did in our pench 
Getting my hair cut!