New member of the church!

Hola Familia!
Like it says in the title, we had the baptism of M this Saturday, It was great!  It went really well and she was so happy and so cute. She was just chatting with everyone the whole time and she even told 2 investigators ¨oh you guys gotta get baptized, it is the greatest thing ever!¨ haha. After she was baptized we had her go up and bear her testimony, she was so cute talking about all of the members and her friends and then the 2 angels that showed up at her house to help her. She has such a solid testimony already! But she finished her testimony and came down and gave me a huge kiss on the cheek! haha it was so funny, I think I probably was pretty red! :P

So really cool story about M that happened this week. Last Sunday (before she was a member) she really wanted to pay her tithing and so we helped her fill the paper out and everything. They are running a little short on money right now so it was a real step of faith to pay. This week was also her birthday and on Tuesday she received 4 pairs of shoes and extra money from one of her bosses. (she cleans a few houses for her job). She told us its amazing how fast the lord replaces your money! haha then on Thursday the day before her bday she told us about all of the gifts she had gotten and that that day another boss had given her extra money for her bday and she received 2 more houses to clean! she was so happy and knew that they were blessings from the Lord!
This week I was able to do an exchange with Elder Guevara from Idaho, he is a great missionary and we have gotten really close on the mission. This is the second time we are in the same district. I really enjoy doing the exchanges because I like getting to know the other missionaries!
This week I read a quote from Pres Mckay and I loved it!! I have really been trying to implement it into my mission/life. It is
Sow a thought, reap an action.
Sow an action, reap a habit.
Sow a habit, reap an eternal destiny.
It is really interesting how it makes perfect sense! I put it up on my desk so I can see it everyday!
This week our mission started a new plan to have 500 baptisms in the next 2 1/2 months! I am super excited to start doing the new ideas that they have to help us find the prepared people. We decided that this week we are going to focus on investigators and not so much on the less actives because we need to take advantage of this time to find people to be baptized!
We have been working a lot with a sister who recently came back to church named F. She is so amazing!! I have learned a lot from her, she always helps us with lunch or anything we need, she has kinda been like my mom here in this area, we have gotten really close because she came back to church like the week before I got here! No one else in her family goes to church but she goes every week, she is an example to me.
So I mentioned D and R last week, they are this young couple who love the missionaries. I have gotten really close with them and they even tell us all the time that they will drive us around to lessons or home at night whenever we need to!! D told me if I ever get sick in the night he will take me to the hospital no matter what time it is! They are great. After the baptism they told me that they would like to get baptized too but ONLY if I get permission from the mission pres to baptize them. I am going to talk to pres and see, it would be really cool to actually get to get in the water to baptize again! :)
We started doing conference calls with our district leaders on Sunday nights its so cool! Everyone always leaves the call with more excitement to work hard, we have seen it help our zone improve their numbers! Funny how prank calls when I was young could give me the idea to help our zone! haha ;)
Well we are doing great, Elder Cadena and I get along really well and we are working hard! I am doing well with the money, i borrowed money from another missionary so we are doing well!! thanks for all of your support!! I love you guys!
♥Elder Sisk

Playing games at FHE!
Cute little dog at Fani`s house
The cake we bought for M! (Mom the candles came in handy!)